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CBS News Continues Their 49-Year History Of Earth Day Hysterics

CBS used Earth Day 2019 to hype higher taxes as a way of fighting global warming. The entire second hour of This Morning was devoted to climate change and the environment. On the same show, current co-host Gayle King proudly…

Synchronized fireflies gather for a 'rave' in the Great Smoky Mountains

[embedded content] Every June, Elkmont Ghost Town — an abandoned resort ghost town in Great Smoky Mountains National Park — lights up with the world’s largest gathering of Photinus carolinus, a species of firefly that is famous for its synchronous…

Sacred Cows Rescued From Illegal Slaughterhouses | Simon Reeve: Sacred Rivers | BBC Earth

Cows are sacred in India, but some illegal slaughterhouses kill them for sell the leather internationally, with terrible environmental consequences as well.Subscribe to BBC Earth for more amazing animal videos – Watch more videos from BBC Earth:Planet Earth…

Carbon dioxide from Silicon Valley affects the chemistry of Monterey Bay

Elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide in air flowing out to sea from Silicon Valley and the Salinas Valley could increase the amount of carbon dioxide dissolving in Monterey Bay waters by about 20 percent.

Verizon Commits To Going Carbon Neutral By 2035

Leading American telecom giant Verizon announced on Monday that it was increasing its sustainability commitment and committing to going carbon neutral by 2035 across its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions


Carnival Corporation is polluting oceans while on probation

The popular cruise liner Carnival was charged in 2018 for excess ocean pollution yet the company is still breaking U.S. laws. New findings show that Carnival’s fleet of cruise ships have dumped over half-million gallons of oil, sewage, and food waste into the ocean and are showing no signs of stopping. Carnival is currently on probation for violating ocean pollution standards and is being monitored for any further violations. Between the springs of 2017 and 2018, the company received as many…

The surprising truth about meal kits

Sometimes the idea of one of those pre-packaged home-delivery meal kits is so appealing. Instead of going to the grocery store and wandering up and down the aisles figuring out what you’re going to make for dinner, a box magically…

Climate Change: Slightly Stronger but Fewer Hurricanes, One Expert Says – Government Technology

(TNS) – A warming Earth may add slightly more muscle to heat-hungry hurricanes, but also slash the number that form by 25 percent by the end of the century as drier air dominates the middle levels of the atmosphere. According…