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Does NASA’s Latest Figures Confirm Global Warming?

Some heated claims were made in a recently published scientific paper, “Recent Global Warming as Confirmed by AIRS,” authored by Susskind et al. One of the co-authors is NASA’s Dr. Gavin Schmidt, keeper of the world’s most widely used dataset…


Just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week: Project Learning Tree announces 2019 Leadership in Education Award Winners

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10, 2019, with National Teacher Day on May 7. Every year, Project Learning Tree (PLT) recognizes the educators who have made the most significant contributions to PLT with the Leadership in Education award.

Global warming to raise frequency of heat waves: Study – Down To Earth Magazine

The heat wave days will have shorter recovery periods and the effects would be significantly worse than stand-alone events. Owing to rising global temperatures heat waves — cycles of sweltering temperatures, with only brief periods of normal conditions in between…

Why do purple martins have such big houses?

Some birds are happy to make their nests anywhere. A sturdy tree branch, gutter or any birdhouse works just fine. But flashy purple martins like snazzy accommodations. You often see their multi-room homes perched high in the sky, as the…

Anti-Pipeline Activist Group Facing Sex Abuse Allegations

An environmental group at the heart of the anti-pipeline movement allegedly silenced a former employee who reported being sexually harassed by a coworker “credibly accused” of sexually abusing young boys, according to a lawsuit. Honor the Earth “failed to take…