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Preparing for asteroid Apophis

Astronomers are meeting today at the Planetary Defense Conference to discuss plans to observe asteroid 99942 Apophis, a relatively large asteroid that’ll sweep past Earth safely – but rather closely – in 2029.


UNITED KINGDOM: Adviser set to recommend zero-emissions target by 2050

The U.K. government’s official adviser on climate change is set to recommend the country adopt a target to drive net fossil fuel emissions to zero by 2050, according to people familiar with the plan.


ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Tesla plant key to Musk’s ambitions takes shape in China

Three months after groundbreaking, Tesla Inc. is rushing to complete its multibillion-dollar factory on the outskirts of Shanghai to capitalize on growing demand in the world’s largest electric-car market.


RESILIENCE: Center helps people adapt to ‘new normal’

Buoyed by $55 million from the Rockefeller Foundation and Miami philanthropist Adrienne Arsht, the Atlantic Council said yesterday it will work to bring resilience solutions to 1 billion people, or just under an eighth of the world’s population, by 2030.


ANTARCTICA: An unexpected source of melting at world’s biggest ice shelf

Part of Antarctica’s Ross ice shelf — the largest ice shelf in the world — appears to be melting 10 times faster than the ice around it. And researchers say a new process, one that was only rarely considered by scientists in the past, is the likely culprit.