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Tesla vs. Self-Driving Competition — New MIT Video

Autonomous driving technology promises to unleash sweeping changes on our society. However (perhaps fortunately), it’s likely to be some time before self-driving cars become frequent sights on the roads

CO₂ levels reach another record high

CO₂ levels just reached another record high. On February 9, 2019, an average daily CO₂ level of 414.27 ppm was recorded at Mauna Loa, Hawaii. The image below shows hourly (red circles) and daily (yellow circles) averaged CO₂ values from Mauna…

Trump mocks Klobuchar’s wintry announcement. Her answer: ‘I wonder how your hair would fare in a blizzard?’ – USA TODAY

CLOSE Donald Trump’s 2020 Presidential Campaign is starting off 2019 with a TON of cash on hand! Buzz60 Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar stood in a blizzard on Sunday to announce her presidential candidacy. No hat. No gloves. No ear muffs….

New Tesla Shuttle Website For USA

As some of you know, a few friends and I launched a city-to-city “Tesla Shuttle” network in Europe a year and a half ago. At some point last year, one of those guys suggested, “Hey, why don’t we open up our platform for other Tesla owners around the world who would like to shuttle passengers on routes in their regions?” Hmm, why didn’t I think of that

CleanTechnica’s Electric Fleet — 15 Electric Vehicles

CleanTechnica writers now have 6 Tesla Model 3s, 3 Tesla Model Ss, 2 Chevy Bolts, 1 Nissan LEAF (after 2-3 retired Nissan LEAFs), 1 BMW i3, 1 Peugeot iOn, 1 Kia Soul EV, and 1 Zero Motorcycle. That makes 15 electric vehicles — if you don’t count the electric bikes we have as well!

On Buying Insurance, and Ignoring Cost-Benefit Analysis

Posted on 10 February 2019 by Guest Author This is a re-post from TripleCrisis by economist Frank Ackerman First in a series of posts on climate policy.   The damages expected from climate change seem to get worse with each new study….

Paul Leyland – Elephant Hawk Moth

Mark ♦ February 10, 2019 ♦ Leave Your Comment Paul writes: on a warm summer evening I like to sit in my garden with a light on and see what moths will come in. One of the best to arrive…

Sit Back & Enjoy The Fun: “The History of Tesla in 5 Minutes”

The History of Tesla in 5 MinutesEvery once in a while, we get a chance to learn while also having a good time. That’s often what happens when we click onto “YouTube University,” which teaches us how to fix our broken appliances, reveals nuances of a topic that confuses us, replays news stories — and so much more. When I came across the YouTube video “The History of Tesla in 5 Minutes,” the pithy title immediately caught my attention. Tesla, a company with so many intricacies and complexities, in 5 minutes? Really? I was drawn in

Energy & Data: The Duo Defining Our Global Future

it is more evident than ever before that GaN technology is the clear and undisputed solution for driving more robust growth and product innovation, as well as enabling companies to elevate the conversation and engage more deeply in sustainability initiatives

The dream of building a coast-to-coast scenic bike trail just got real

The most obvious and quickest way to travel between Washington, D.C., and Washington state is to board a direct flight on Alaska Airlines from Ronald Reagan National Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Washington-to-Washington in about six hours — fast enough….