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New virtual reality experience transforms you into a majestic tree

Ever gaze into the crowning branches of some massive tree and wonder what it might be like to hold silent court over the world below? Thanks to a new virtual reality experience, you can trade your feet for roots and…

Earthquake in super slo-mo

A big earthquake occurred south of Istanbul in the summer of 2016, but it was so slow that nobody noticed. The earthquake, which took place at mid-crustal depth, lasted more than fifty days. Only a novel processing technique applied to data from special borehole strainmeter instruments allowed researchers to identify the ultra-slow quake below the Sea of Marmara.

Climate change: Planet-warming power of cattle urine can be avoided by restoring farmland, study finds – The Independent

Scientists have found restoring cattle pastures brings an unlikely environmental benefit by cutting the greenhouse gas emissions from cattle urine. The planet-warming power of methane gas emitted by cows is well known, but their urine is also a contributor to…

Road proximity may boost songbird nest success in tropics

In the world’s temperate regions, proximity to roads usually reduces the reproductive success of birds, thanks to predators that gravitate toward habitat edges. However, the factors affecting bird nest success are much less studied in the tropics — so does this pattern hold true? New research shows that interactions between roads, nesting birds, and their predators may unfold differently in Southeast Asia.

Germany says it's kicking the coal habit

Germany has plans to leave coal in the cold by 2038, provided the country’s ruling coalition takes up the recommendations of a government-appointed commission. The recommendations, hammered out following a 21-hour marathon negotiation session held Jan. 25 and Jan. 26…

Brexit – an environmental recap

Mark ♦ January 29, 2019 ♦ 3 Comments Today is the latest, and not the last, in a series of momentous parliamentary days in shaping how, or perhaps if, we are leaving the EU. A no-deal Brexit in 59 days’…

Global warming vs. Northeast rail travel – The CT Mirror

The cover of the climate change vulnerability assessment. What follows is a public apology.  Not to you, dear reader, but to future generations. “To my grand children:  I’m sorry we left you with this mess.  We should have done more, when we still…