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Marine animals come to life in massive murals around the world

When artist Robert Wyland was a teenager living in Michigan, he went on a trip to California. While swimming in the ocean off Laguna Beach, he saw two gray whales migrating to Mexico. “When I came up I saw their…

Global Warming Hits Marine Life Hardest – Eos

One of the best ways to cool down on a hot day is to jump in the ocean. But that doesn’t mean that marine animals have it easy in the face of warming global temperatures. In fact, a new study…

Bats evolved diverse skull shapes due to echolocation, diet

Scientists have discovered that two major forces have shaped bat skulls over their evolutionary history: echolocation and diet. Their findings help explain the wide diversity of skull shapes among bats and reveal the intricate details of how evolutionary pressures can shape animal bodies.

Red Kite

Mark ♦ May 2, 2019 ♦ 3 Comments Just down the road from where I live there is a Red Kite sitting on eggs. If you stop the car by the side of the narrow road and look across a…


SCIENCE: NASA says metals fraud caused $700M satellite failure

A metals manufacturer faked test results and provided faulty materials to NASA, causing more than $700 million in losses and two failed satellite launch missions, according to an investigation by the U.S. space agency.