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Novel hypothesis goes underground to predict future of Greenland ice sheet

(Penn State) The Greenland ice sheet melted a little more easily in the past than it does today because of geological changes, and most of Greenland’s ice can be saved from melting if warming is controlled, says a team of Penn State researchers.

Letter to the editor: For those still skeptical about global warming – Glens Falls Post-Star

For those residents of the Adirondacks for whom the bitter cold spells this winter have led to some skepticism regarding the reality of global warming, you should know that a recently released map of the temperature anomalies that occurred during…

Tesla Owns 80% Of US EV Sales, #1 Spot In Luxury Vehicle Market

With back-to-back profitable quarters under its belt, Tesla is kicking off 2019 with an emphasis on financial discipline. As Engadget reports, “Tesla’s 2018 fourth-quarter results showed the company still made a profit ($139.5 million), but it was smaller than that of the third quarter ($311.5 million). For the quarter, the company posted $7.23 billion in revenue. Last year’s revenue was $3.29 billion. Overall for 2018 it reported $21.4 billion in revenue.”

Tesla Model Y To Share 76% Of Parts With Model 3, Be Built At Gigafactories

On its Q4 2018 earnings call last night, Tesla confirmed that the Model Y will be the first vehicle it will build at its Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada. In parallel, it plans to build the crossover (CUV) at its new Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China

Disaster in the Australian outback | Today in Focus podcast

Temperatures have hit 47C (117F) in southern Australia where an extraordinary heatwave has come amid one of the worst droughts in the country’s recorded history. In large parts of the Murray-Darling basin – an area of land the size of…

Why sleeping helps you heal when you're sick

The reason why we sleep remains one of the most elusive mysteries in science. Theories abound, but the fact is that little is known about what genetic or molecular forces drive the need to sleep, and we still don’t know…


Ghost gear is haunting our oceans

Fishing gear isn’t only deadly when there’s a fisherman at the other end of the line. Lost and abandoned equipment continues to kill, rampaging beneath the ocean’s surface, tangling fish, drowning seabirds and smothering reefs. This ghost gear haunts common and endangered species indiscriminately. According to a UN Environment and FAO report, another 640,000 tons of ghost gear is added to the undersea dump each year. In Southeast India, workers at the Suganthi Devadason Marine Research…

Opinion | Get out of the cold and think about global warming –

It was easy to blame nature for the historic — and dangerous — deep freeze that gripped central North America this week. But should we also blame ourselves? That this was not your regular January cold snap was obvious to…


Solar protective glass gives the iceberg-like Hercule home a mirrored finish

Modern, monolithic and minimalist, Hercule is a single-family home designed like an iceberg: the bulk of the building is hidden while the visible portion emerges out of the ground like the tip of an iceberg. Named after local hero John “Hercule” Gruen for its “robust strength,” the house located in Mondorf-les-bains in the south of Luxembourg is the recently completed work of local architecture practice 2001. Embedded into the sloped terrain, the concrete dwelling further immerses itself…

Climate change could make corals go it alone

Climate change is bad news for coral reefs around the world, with high ocean temperatures causing widespread bleaching events that weaken and kill corals. However, new research has found that corals with a solitary streak — preferring to live alone instead of in reef communities — could fare better than their group-dwelling relatives.