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Bill Shorten rules out joint climate policy process with Greens if Labor wins power

Bill Shorten has declared Labor will run its own race on climate change, and will “listen” but not replicate Julia Gillard’s joint policy process with the Greens in any minority government scenario after the election. In an interview with Guardian…


How to stop climate change? Nationalise the oil companies | Owen Jones

If only the Daily Express was right. That is not a sentence I ever expected to type. “Extinction Rebellion protests have WORKED as MPs succumb to calls for change”, bellowed the rightwing rag. Alas, the government has not capitulated to…

Tesla Model 3 Performance Crushes Fossil BMW M3 Around Race Track

Top Gear magazine has track tested the Tesla Model 3 Performance head to head against fossil fans’ favorite sports saloon, the BMW M3. The track times were conducted on the 2 mile Thunderhill Raceway Park West circuit, with the Tesla coming in a significant 2 seconds ahead of the (more expensive) BMW. Fossils must now accept all-round inferiority in the performance realm


Study shows meal kits are more sustainable than grocery shopping

Meal kit delivery companies eliminate the weekly rush to the grocery store, making meal preparation easier than ever, but are they good for the environment? While some may dismiss these services as being wasteful, a new study reveals that they are actually more eco-friendly than you might think. Researchers compared ingredients commonly used in meal kit deliveries to their grocery store counterparts and found they have a much smaller carbon footprint. According to NPR, meals purchased from local…

White Mother Bear Fights Against Bigger Male For Territory | Natura World: Ghost Bear | BBC Earth

A mother bear finds a new spot to catch fish, another black bear arrives to steal her territory. Will the mother bear survive?Subscribe: Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II Dinosaur Natural World: Ghost BearIn the…

Facebook fact checker has ties to news outlet that promotes climate doubt – Science Magazine

CJG-Technology/Alamy Stock Photo By Scott Waldman, E&E NewsApr. 25, 2019 , 1:55 PM Originally published by E&E News Facebook’s newest fact checking partner is connected to an enterprise that was founded by a conservative Fox News host and that routinely…

Natural England – where are you?

Mark ♦ April 25, 2019 ♦ Leave Your Comment I’ve spoken to quite a few journalists over the last couple of days – all have said that Natural England is refusing to comment on the General Licence issue. I find…