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New 3D imaging and visualization technique provides detailed views of muscle architecture

In a new study, scientists in pathology and anatomical sciences have revealed a three-dimensional view of the skeletal muscles responsible for flight in a European starling. The study will form the basis of future research on the bird’s wishbone, which is supported by these particular muscles and is hypothesized to bend during flight.

Why Global Warming Does Not Necessarily Translate to Daily High Temperature Records

April 30, 2019, 10:18 am Most folks assume that global warming results in record high daily temperatures, but this is not necessarily the case.  When your local news station blames a high temperature record on global warming, they may be…

Small Spider Steals a From A Giant Spider | Trials Of Life | BBC Earth

A nephila spider catches its prey in an impressive web, but a smaller spider has its eyes on the food.Subscribe to BBC Earth for more amazing animal videos – Watch more videos from BBC Earth:Planet Earth Planet…

Garden Birds in April 2019

Mark ♦ April 30, 2019 ♦ Leave Your Comment This year I am keeping a list of birds seen in or from my garden. Here is the list for the year so far with the four extra species seen in…


Get outdoors with this guide to sustainable spring activities

Spring is that amazing time of year that celebrates new life everywhere around us. Animals deliver babies, trees regain their leaves, and flowers spring into full color. That means it’s the perfect time for you to enjoy the splendor of the season too. If you’re eager to hit the trails and clean up the yard, remember to keep the environment in mind when planning your activities. Here are some ways you can enjoy natural activities while promoting earth-friendly practices. <!–more→ Gardening It…

Rapid permafrost thaw unrecognized threat to landscape, global warming researcher warns

Researchers have assessed abrupt thaw studies across the permafrost zone to estimate the overall effect. They found carbon emissions have the potential to double the climate feedback associated with permafrost thawing because abrupt thaw releases more methane. It will also have drastic effects on landscape, from altering traditional travel and hunting patterns in the North, to causing costly infrastructure damage to roads and rail lines.