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New Republic’s ‘Offensive’ OpEd Just Scuttled A Dem Primary Climate Debate

Environmentalists are pulling support from an upcoming climate debate after one of the liberal media outlets sponsoring the event published an op-ed mocking Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s homosexuality. The New Republic and Gizmodo were scheduled to host a presidential…


DoneGood challenges Amazon Prime Days with rival discounts that help the planet

DoneGood, an e-commerce platform, is taking the ‘high road’ by offering exclusively ethical brands, but it isn’t above aiming to steal the loyalty of its competitor’s customers on the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day.

Utilities Bid To Own Rooftop Solar Even As They Oppose It

Four years have passed since ILSR’s initial report on utility-owned rooftop solar, and this 2019 update shows small growth but some potentially large repercussions. This update rehashes the costs and benefits, updates the progress of the four initial programs, highlights a few new programs, and discusses the wider implications

How many bad apples?

When Charlie Jacobey was telling me what I thought, and occasionally letting me get a word in edgeways, he reckoned that there were just a few bad apples in the shooting industry. I reckoned there were lots. The latest very…

Jaguar Orphans go for a Swim | Jaguars Born Free | BBC Earth

Jaguars playing in their own private pool may seem like fun, but it’s of vital importance to their development as predators.Subscribe: Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II Dinosaur Jaguars Born FreeBrazilian jaguar expert Leandro Silviera…

A material way to make Mars habitable

New research suggest that regions of the Martian surface could be made habitable with a material — silica aerogel — that mimics Earth’s atmospheric greenhouse effect. Through modeling and experiments, the researchers show that a 2- to 3-centimeter-thick shield of silica aerogel could transmit enough visible light for photosynthesis, block hazardous ultraviolet radiation, and raise temperatures underneath permanently above the melting point of water, all without the need for any internal heat source.