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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Mexico Is Buying a Texas Oil Refinery in a Quest for Energy Independence

DEER PARK, Texas — Two giant murals, on storage tanks at an oil refinery here, depict the rebels led by Sam Houston who secured Texas’ independence from Mexico in the 1830s. This week those murals will become the property of…

NASA Analysis: 2021 Tied for 6th Hottest Year in Continued Warming Trend – SciTechDaily

Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2021 tied with 2018 as the sixth warmest on record, according to independent analyses done by Fahrenheit (0.85 degrees Columbia University’s Earth Institute and School of Engineering and Applied Science in New York.

🌱 Frozen COVID-19 Antigen Tests + Vermont Global Warming Risk –

Morning, neighbors! Danielle Fallon here with the latest edition of the Burlington Daily. First, today’s weather: Breezy in the morning. High: 16 Low: -2. Here are the top 3 stories in Burlington today: According to new research, scientists predict that…

New studies link global warming to early births and effects on babies’ health | TheHill – The Hill

Climate change is increasing the number of premature births and negatively impacting the health of infants, according to half a dozen studies published in a special issue of the journal Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology. Researchers have found evidence that suggests increasing temperatures caused by climate…

Why The Climate Industrial Complex Wants To Move The Goalposts Again

The international climate alarmist industry comprises a number of special interests. There are the activists, fundamentally anti-human and deeply disingenuous, demanding that billions of the global poor suffer and die in order that the planet be “saved.” There are the “experts” in pursuit of bigger budgets and “research” grants. There…

One-third of Americans are “alarmed” about climate change, and over half are at least “concerned” – ZME Science

Americans are more concerned about global warming than ever, according to the latest results from the long-running Climate Change in the American Mind survey on public opinion. Image credits Andrea Spallanzani. Researchers at Yale University and George Mason University (GMU)…

Yale Climate Connections Equates Year Of Weather With Climate Change

In a recently published article, titled “Warmest U.S. December in history caps a stormy, mostly-sizzling year,” Yale Climate Connections (YCC) says all of the weather events of the past year are proof of dangerous climate change. They mention the word…

Spectacular Fossils Discovered from Prehistoric Rainforest Reveal Intimate Details From 11 Million Years Ago

Hundreds of immaculately preserved fossils recently found in Australia offer a view into the continent’s early Miocene period as clearly as in a family photo album. Set in an iron oxide mineral known as goethite, there are leaves belonging to more than 50 species of plants, fossilized flowers, fish, insects, arachnids, even a fossilized feather. […]

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Met Office Warns Of A ‘Mad Max’ Future In Climate Doomsday Report

It is a bleak forecast even by the Met Office’s standards – the complete collapse of society leaving armed militias and criminal gangs to roam the land unchallenged. That is one of the doomsday scenarios set out in a report…

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