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AGRICULTURE: Climate change is coming for the wine industry

It may be a good time to start stocking up on your favorite merlot or chardonnay — even the wine industry isn’t safe from climate change, research suggests. The effects of rising temperatures have already caused some noticeable shifts in the grape business, opening up new growing areas in some parts of the world and threatening others.


WHITE HOUSE: Secret Trump recordings reveal 3 energy insights

A secret recording between President Trump and an intimate group of donors — including Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, the Soviet-born businessmen who since have been charged with making illegal campaign donations — showed Trump was curious about Ukraine’s energy challenges, fracking and electric cars.

Researchers generalize Fourier’s heat equation, explaining hydrodynamic heat propagation

(National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) MARVEL) Researchers have developed a novel set of equations for heat propagation that explain why and how heat propagation can become fluid-like, rather than diffusive. These ‘viscous heat equations’ show how heat conduction is not only governed by thermal conductivity, but also by thermal viscosity. The theory is in striking agreement with pioneering experimental results in graphite published last year and may pave the way for the design of more efficient electronic devices.

Tesla Model 3 Shatters Records In Hot European Market — EV Sales Report

The European plug-in electric vehicle market registered a record 77,000 vehicles in December (+88%!), with the Dutch market most helping to pull the market up. Fully electric vehicles (+91% year over year) grew a bit faster than plug-in hybrids (+81%), with the powertrain breakdown becoming even more friendly to fully electric vehicles (68% to 32% in December, versus 64% to 36% in 2019)

Limiting Global Warming Will Minimise Climate Costs: Study – Saurenergy

A recent study suggests that if global warming can be restricted to 2 degrees Celcius, the costs of climate damage control will also decrease. A recent study by a group of Postdam scientists has found that the Paris Agreement apart…

New Study In Canada Says EV Owners Will Not Buy ICE Again

A new study by AAA in Canada tells us that EV owners will not buy fossil fuel vehicles again. The new study shows that 96% of its survey respondents say that they would buy or lease another EV the next time they have to get another car