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Teenage Activist Takes School Strikes 4 Climate Action to Davos

Protest by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg snowballs to last day of World Economic Forum The 16-year-old activist behind the fast-growing School Strikes 4 Climate Action has taken her campaign to the streets of Davos, to confront world leaders and business chiefs…

How Renewable Energy Can Help African People

Recently, the interest in investing in renewable energy has risen substantially. Third world countries like Afghanistan, Albania, and Costa Rica have already made the necessary transitions to renewable energy.  However, African countries are still lagging behind in investing in renewable energy. According to The Conversation, 110 million of the 600 million people in African countries […]

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Faster CO2 rise expected this year: Study – Economic Times

LONDON: The Earth this year may witness one of the largest increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide in over six decades of record keeping, scientists say. The forecast by researchers from the UK Met Office and University of Exeter is based…

Haiti’s first-ever private nature reserve created to protect imperiled species

(Temple University College of Science and Technology) In a race against time, an American professor and a Haitian CEO have teamed up to establish private nature reserves to protect Haiti’s disappearing species. Now, with funding from Global Wildlife Conservation and Rainforest Trust, the first such park has been purchased: Grand Bois, a mountain in the southwest of Haiti with rare and endangered plants and animals.

Molecular analysis of anchiornis feather gives clues to origin of flight

(North Carolina State University) An international team of researchers has performed molecular analysis on fossil feathers from a small, feathered dinosaur from the Jurassic. Their research could aid scientists in pinpointing when feathers evolved the capacity for flight during the dinosaur-bird transition.

Birds-of-paradise genomes target sexual selection

(GigaScience) Researchers provide genome sequences for 5 birds-of-paradise species: 3 without previous genome data and 2 with improved data. Birds-of-paradise are classic examples of extreme sexual selection due to generations of females choosing mates based on ‘attractiveness’. The result is unparalleled species radiation with males exhibiting vast differences in behavior and an array of exotic feathers. Analyses identified genes potentially involved in feather characteristics, and the sequences will serve as a rich resource for evolution studies.

Study: Climate change reshaping how heat moves around globe

(Ohio State University) The Earth’s atmosphere and oceans play important roles in moving heat from one part of the world to another, and new research is illuminating how those patterns are changing in the face of climate change.

Abandoned fields turn into forests five times faster than thought

(AKSON Russian Science Communication Association) Russian scientists studied abandoned arable land in the European part of Russia where temperate forests grow. The study showed that trees start to grow on the abandoned fields immediately after the land has been withdrawn from agricultural use. As it turned out, the presence or absence of grass fires in a given area plays a key role in the stages and rate of overgrowth. The results are published in Ecological Processes.