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TECHNOLOGY: Race is on to make cement from CO2

In 1824, English bricklayer Joseph Aspdin put the world on more solid footing. He heated a mixture of powdered limestone and clay in his kitchen stove and invented portland cement. It’s the basic ingredient of modern concrete found in roads, buildings, sidewalks and hundreds of other uses.

Rebellious Times

Posted on 29 April 2019 by John Mason The Extinction Rebellion protests of 2019 and their naysayers: analysis It can sometimes seem a lonely road to walk. Voices in the wilderness: a plucky band of writers doing their best to…

Climate change could cost US economy billions – Yale Climate Connections

A newly-published peer-reviewed analysis of climate change impacts across broad sectors of the U.S. economy provides what may be the most comprehensive economic assessment to date of those costs. The April report in the journal Nature Climate Change is a…


नासा ने कहा, बढ़ते तापमान के बावजूद तेजी से नहीं पिघलेगी अंटार्कटिका की बर्फ

इससे पहले वैज्ञानिकों ने कहा था कि अगले 500 वर्षों में अंटार्कटिका की बर्फ और ग्लेशियर तेजी से पिघलेगी। अब नासा ने जलवायु माडल में बदलाव कर दिया है।

All you need to know: Eta Aquariid meteors

The new moon on May 4 will provide inky black skies for this year’s Eta Aquariid meteor shower. No matter where you are on the globe, watch for meteors on the several mornings around May 5.