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News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Green Bridge To Nowhere

Mankind’s attempt to control the climate is going to be very, very costly – to you. Even worse, there is no guarantee of any benefit, environmental, planetary, or otherwise. Every version of the Green New Deal proposed by various politicians…

Why Is Boris Johnson Letting Eco-Fascists Run Wild In Britain?

Extinction Rebellion vandals are digging up the lawns outside Cambridge’s grandest college Trinity and have blocked one of the roundabouts near the city center. Why aren’t the police arresting them? Why should taxpayers have to pay for the damage done?…


VEHICLES: Trump’s tailpipe rollback would boost emissions — study

President Trump’s rollback of vehicle fuel economy standards would pump an additional 654 million metric tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere compared with tailpipe standards set by President Obama, according to new research.


WHITE HOUSE: Work begins on key climate report under Trump

The next National Climate Assessment is beginning to take shape at a time when President Trump warned world leaders to reject “alarmists” and as his conservative allies make plans to intervene in the report’s preparation to question the findings of mainstream scientists.


RESEARCH: USDA once hid climate reports. Now adaptation is a priority

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue will allow agency scientists to study how farmers are responding to climate change. Adaptation is a top theme over the next five years for a department that has been accused of suppressing scientific reports.

Even the Hardy Tardigrade Will Take a Hit From Global Warming – InsideClimate News

Scientists increasingly have been linking global warming with plant and animal die-offs now happening at a rate comparable to some of Earth’s worst mass extinction events.  Heat takes a toll in many different ways. Cold-blooded animals like fish and reptiles…


7% Plug-In Vehicle Share In Germany!

The German plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market started the year on fire, jumping 128% year over year (YoY), to a record 16,131 registrations. That smashed the previous record (12,026 units) set last October, so it seems the German locomotive has (finally) been set in motion

La construcción de presas en el bajo río Mekong resulta devastadora

NONG KHAI, Tailandia — El agua es tan clara en el río Mekong en el noreste de Tailandia que la luz del sol la atraviesa hasta llegar al lecho, transformando el cauce en un acuario reluciente y vacío. Es hermoso,…

Amazon’s Bezos pledges $10bn to fight climate change –

Jeff Bezos is CEO and founder of Amazon, which has faced recent protests by environmental activists in France and rising pressure from its employees to take action on climate change [File: AP Photo/Reed Saxon] Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos…