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Insights on Jupiter at opposition

Like so much in astronomy, Jupiter’s opposition happens in a way that’s cyclical. And the cycle of oppositions for Jupiter is especially pleasing to the mind. Astronomer Guy Ottewell offers his insights – and chart-making skills – to you during this 2020 opposition of our solar system’s largest planet.


EXTREME WEATHER: Audit: ‘Confusion’ threatens FEMA resilience projects

Puerto Rico is facing roadblocks from the federal government that could discourage communities across the United States from using disaster funds to improve climate resilience, according to a federal auditor.

Jupiter’s opposition is July 13-14. But Jupiter isn’t closest until July 15. Why?

At Jupiter’s July 14 opposition, Earth in its orbit flies between Jupiter and the sun. You’d think Jupiter would be closest to Earth on the day of opposition. But it isn’t. Jupiter doesn’t come closest to us until the following day, July 15. Why?

Indian Railways Accelerates Toward A Solar Future With New Tenders

Indian Railways has taken some significant measures over the last few weeks that will cement its place as one of the single largest clean energy users in India. These steps include the issuance of tenders for large-scale solar power projects and the commissioning of a first-of-its-kind project to use solar power for trains’ traction systems.  

Volkswagen’s Top Software Guy Is Dropped

It is no secret that Volkswagen Group has been struggling with what is truly an enormous challenge. Now rumor is that the company is dropping its head honcho on software and is replacing him with

Azure Power & SoftBank Planning Asset, Stake Sale In Indian Solar Businesses

Leading Indian renewable energy developers are facing a liquidity crunch due to the COVID 19-induced nationwide lockdown and increased competition from emerging players. The country’s debt-ridden discoms are unable to pay off their dues to the generating companies. This has resulted in sharp increase in the sale of operational assets from various large renewable energy generators in the past few months.