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Stunning Aerial Video of Iceland’s Green Volcano Can Soothe Your Lockdown Stress

Iceland’s flagship airline Icelandair is welcoming visitors back to the island nation with a breathtaking aerial look at some of the country’s most awe-inspiring spots. The videos, which include scenes of fjords, canyons, and a green volcano, are accompanied by audio narration that describes the geology and wonder. With the Aurora Borealis spotting season running […]

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Lots of people with canceled summer travel plans are diving into the RV life

There’s never been a more appealing time to be turtle-like, to carry your home on your back and see the sights from the safety of your own cocoon. Of course, this has always been one of the appeals of the…

Why S. California's tides are glowing blue

During the lockdowns, there aren’t as many visitors to the beaches in Southern California. But those who venture out at night have been greeted by a bizarre and beautiful sight: the ocean waters emitting a bright blue glow as the…

Welcome to Niue, the first country recognized as a Dark Sky Place

You may not have heard of Niue. From sea to shining sea, this island nation is about 100 square miles of raised coral in the South Pacific. The name, pronounced “New-ay,” translates from the native language as “Behold the coconut.”…

Take a visual tour through England's Lake District National Park

Lake District National Park is situated along the coast in northwest England. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was designated a national park in 1951 and hosts more than 23 million visitors a year. It includes several tall peaks for daring…