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Eco-Friendly Behavior In This Finnish Town Gets You Free Cake

One Finnish town is literally helping green-minded citizens eat cake as they reward eco-friendly behavior with various rewards: including free public transport tickets, swims, and yes, cake. A little north of Helsinki, the city of Lahti has developed an app tracking the carbon emissions of local residents based on whether they get around by car, public […]

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NAPA heroes donate supplies to community

NAPA AUTO PARTS stores can always be counted on to support their communities during a crisis. Today, as hospitals and health care organizations across the country struggle with the coronavirus pandemic NAPA stores and AutoCare Centers are once again stepping…

20 miles of Seattle streets will soon close permanently to most cars

Seattle, a city well-known for its embrace of sustainable transportation initiatives, is moving to permanently close 20 miles of streets to nonessential traffic. The move, expected to take effect at the end of May, is the next phase for neighborhood…

Taking a clear view of customer safety

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalated through March 2020, New York was one of the first states to require all non-essential workers to stay home to help fight the virus. The state was still hard-hit, and just three weeks later took…

How to disinfect a car interior

It’s important to know how to disinfect a car interior when it comes time to clean. Vacuuming dirt and wiping dust from hard surfaces makes your car look clean, but a little extra effort will help remove bacteria, viruses and…