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Why you should add some Kaizen to your life

Achieving big goals can be daunting. Whether it’s self-improvement or learning a new skill, overly ambitious ideas can leave you feeling like it’s not even worth starting. But what if you could make a major change by taking minor steps?…

Does Amazon Prime have to be so wasteful?

Amazon Prime is an undeniable customer favorite. One of’s most popular options, Amazon Prime offers free one- or two-day shipping on many items, along with video and music streaming in addition to other services, all for $119 a year….

The last chapter of Blockbuster's story

During a trip to Alaska in 2014, I saw several things you won’t find in many other U.S. states: moose, grizzlies, glaciers and Blockbuster stores. The video-rental retail business was alive and well in Alaska, which was home to almost…

5 work policies U.S. companies should emulate

Americans spend more time working than their European counterparts — but at what price? In the Gallup 2013 State of the American Workforce poll, just 30 percent of Americans reported being engaged and inspired at work. Here are five policies…

Why you should write a failure resume

It’s hard to avoid the current trend that touts failure as something to embrace, to learn from — maybe even to celebrate. There are so many books on the subject, you could start reading now and not finish them all…

Loop could be the major packaging shift we've been waiting for

It’s now well-known that the packaging for our food and personal products is an unsustainable, garbage-producing mess. Even stuff that’s recyclable mostly isn’t — especially plastics. In all the years we’ve been diligently recycling, the truth is we haven’t gotten…

6 ways to fight belly fat on the job

Most people who hold desk jobs know they spend too much time sitting and struggle to find time to eat a healthy lunch. Even trying to take a break to go for a walk can be harder than it seems….