Menopausal Mother Nature

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How moonlight affects animals and plants

Here on Earth, we have the moon’s gravitational pull to thank for the ocean tides, among other things. But what about moonlight? The light reflected off the moon has an effect on life on Earth, which isn’t surprising, but not…

Remembering Apollo 11 and the giant step that changed everything

Fifty years ago, a rocket carrying the Apollo 11 crew blasted off from Earth on its historic mission to land humans on the moon. The mission launched from Cape Kennedy on July 16, 1969, carrying Commander Neil Armstrong, Command Module…

'Malnourished' black hole breaks all the rules

Black holes don’t give up their secrets easily. Despite decades of scientific speculation, we didn’t even lay eyes on one until earlier this year when astronomers finally captured an image of Powehi — an apt Hawaiian term meaning “adorned fathomless…

Dragonfly aims for Saturn’s moon Titan

Scheduled for launch in 2026, the Dragonfly mission will look for clues to the origins of life, and possibly even evidence of life itself, on Saturn’s alien yet remarkably Earth-like moon Titan.

Today in 2015: New Horizons at Pluto

The small, fast-moving New Horizons spacecraft is likely to be the only Pluto mission in the lifetimes of many of us. It changed forever the way we on Earth perceive this outermost world and its moons.

'Ploonet' may be the most adorable name ever for a moon that leaves the nest

Imagine the Earth without its moon. It might seem like the ultimate “empty nest” syndrome. After all, in a sense, the moon is the offspring of our planet. Research suggests it formed about 4.5 billion years ago, when a Mars-sized…