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Greenpeace activist: ‘Mark Field needs anger management’

Bruised and still shaken, Janet Barker is incredulous at the violent reaction of the Foreign Office minister Mark Field to her peaceful protest with fellow Greenpeace activists at the chancellor’s Mansion House speech. However, she has no plans to press…


Politicians must find solutions for the climate crisis. Not outsource it to us | Stefan Stern

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard,” said the American journalist HL Mencken, who died 60 years before the EU referendum but nonetheless seems to have known…


Two-thirds of Britons want faster action on climate, poll finds

Nearly 70% of British people want urgent political action to tackle climate change and protect the natural environment, according to research by a coalition of green charities. Theresa May, in one of her last acts as prime minister, has enshrined…


Moving away from GDP as a measure of success | Letters

As an economist I endorse Dan Button’s article (Stop obsessing about GDP: we should focus on wellbeing, 11 June). The most we can say is that a succession of GDP figures over months should indicate whether the economy is growing…


Theresa May’s net-zero emissions target is a lot less impressive than it looks | Caroline Lucas

Theresa May is doing her best to grab some good headlines in the closing weeks of her premiership. Setting a target for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions is vital, but her government’s plans are too little too late. Theresa May commits…