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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Net zero strategy shows UK will miss 2030 emissions cuts target

The UK government has said it is still on track to meet its international climate commitments under the Paris agreement, as analysis of its energy plans suggested more drastic policies would be needed to make the required carbon cuts. Ministers…

‘Half-baked, half-hearted’: critics ridicule UK’s long-awaited climate strategy

The UK’s new energy plan unveiled on Thursday is a missed opportunity full of “half-baked, half-hearted” policies that do not go far enough to power Britain’s climate goals, according to green business groups and academics. The 1,000-page strategy has been…

Another Train Derails, Spilling Toxic Petroleum Products

Yet another train has derailed on U.S. tracks, spilling toxic chemicals. This time, the train was a Canadian Pacific (CP) train, the accident took place in rural North Dakota and the toxins included petroleum used in asphalt production. However, both officials and the company said that no one was injured and that the spill would […]

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It’s not perfect, but the Labor-Greens climate deal should limit emissions and fossil fuels. That matters

The safeguard mechanism is a better policy to deal with major industrial greenhouse gas emissions after a deal between the Albanese government and the Greens. It is not perfect, it is needlessly complicated and there are still things to be…

Older people like me need to start protesting for our planet | Bill McKibben

The brutal truth is that last week’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report didn’t have the effect it should have had, or that its authors clearly intended. Produced by thousands of scientists who synthesized the work of tens of thousands…

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