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News about Climate Change and our Planet


‘Greenwashing’: fossil fuel execs to hold invite-only forum at UN climate summit

Oil and gas executives are holding an exclusive invitation-only forum with environmentalists and government representatives on the sidelines of the UN climate summit, in what critics have condemned as an attempt to influence negotiations in favour of fossil fuel companies….


If the world ran on sun, it wouldn’t fight over oil | Bill McKibben

We are sadly accustomed by now to the idea that our reliance on oil and gas causes random but predictable outbreaks of flood, firestorm and drought. The weekend’s news from the Gulf is a grim reminder that depending on oil…

What is biochar?

Though you may not have heard of biochar, it’s a good bet you’d recognize it if you saw it. Biochar is just charcoal. It’s created when organic matter like wood chips, rice stalks or even manure is heated up in…


A chilling truth: our addiction to air conditioning must end | Letters

Kudos to Stephen Buranyi for drawing attention to the growth of air conditioning worldwide and the accompanying taste for cold in a time of global warming (Blowing cold and hot, The long read, 29 August). Having lived and worked in…