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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Green-roofed Hanging Villa is embedded into a lush jungle landscape

Architect Tonny Wirawan Suriajaja of Jakarta-based design firm TWS & Partners has created a spacious family retreat that takes advantage of its verdant and paradise-like valley setting in more ways than one. Tucked into the side of a lush mountain far away from snarling traffic in Bandung, the capital of Indonesia’s West Java province, Hanging Villa is an urban respite that boasts spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and harnesses solar gain and cross breezes for natural heating and…

Is a tiny home right for you?

Tiny house living is obviously more affordable compared to living in a traditional home, and it offers mobility and a smaller carbon footprint. The visible drawbacks are lack of storage space and fewer amenities, but there are more pros and cons to tiny house living that you might not have thought of. And, what is a good thing today might end up being a negative down the road. Here are some expected – and not so expected – pros and cons to tiny house living that you should know if you are considering…

JOMO is my new favorite thing

Once you get off the FOMO bandwagon, you may find that you crave more alone time. (Photo: Off_abstrac/Shutterstock) If you’re over FOMO (fear of missing out) — or you were never into it in the first place, you’ll be happy…

Global warming isn’t a joke | Editorial – Citizentribune

With frigid Arctic weather descending on tens of millions of Americans, states have declared emergencies, mail carriers are staying inside, and there’s a risk of frostbite for exposed skin in Chicago in as little as five minutes. Little wonder that…

Is Wind Power Brewing Budweiser’s Beer? Read The Fine Print

Budweiser attracted a lot of attention with its Super Bowl ad claiming its beer was “brewed with wind power,” but what does that actually mean? Furthermore, is Budweiser being completely straightforward when it says it gets 100 percent of its…

Simply shining light on ‘dinosaur metal’ compound kills cancer cells

A new compound based on iridium, a rare metal which landed in the Gulf of Mexico 66 million years ago, hooked onto albumin, a protein in blood, can attack the nucleus of cancerous cells when switched on by light, researchers have found.

Much of the surface ocean will shift in color by end of 21st century

Climate change is causing significant changes to phytoplankton in the world’s oceans, and a new study finds that over the coming decades these changes will affect the ocean’s color, intensifying its blue regions and its green ones. Satellites should detect these changes in hue, providing early warning of wide-scale changes to marine ecosystems.

MERMAIDs reveal secrets from below the ocean floor

Floating seismometers dubbed MERMAIDs — Mobile Earthquake Recording in Marine Areas by Independent Divers — reveal that Galápagos volcanoes are fed by a mantle plume reaching 1,900 km deep. By letting their nine MERMAIDs float freely for two years, an international team of researchers created an artificial network of oceanic seismometers that could fill in one of the blank areas on the global geologic map, where otherwise no seismic information is available.

The Caucasus: Complex interplay of genes and cultures

In the Bronze Age, the Caucasus Mountains region was a cultural and genetic contact zone. Here, cultures that originated in Mesopotamia interacted with local hunter-gatherers, Anatolian farmers, and steppe populations from just north of the mountain ranges. Here, pastoralism was developed and technologies such as the wheeled wagon and advanced metal weapons were spread to neighbouring cultures. A new study, examines new genetic evidence in concert with archaeological evidence to paint a more complete picture of the region.

These unusual therapy animals lighten the mood at U.S. airports

The trend of airport therapy animals started not long after Sept. 11, 2001, when an airport chaplain at San Jose’s Mineta International brought her pet dog to the terminal to help travelers relax before their flights. As the number of…

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