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Small Footprint Dill Pickles

Small Footprint Dill Pickles

Here is my easy recipe for lacto-fermented, homemade dill pickles that can also be made with vinegar, so they can be ready to eat almost right after making them—speed pickles!

Or, for probiotic bounty and digestive health, you can leave out the vinegar and make these pickles traditionally by fermenting them in brine—in which case they will be ready in a week or two.

If you are going to ferment these pickles in brine, a special airlock lid for your wide-mouth canning jar is extremely helpful. An airlock lid releases excess carbon dioxide from the jar automatically without needing to regularly “burp” the lid by hand. It keeps all oxygen out which helps create the highest amount of healthy gut bacteria (probiotics) possible in your ferment, and prevents mold. (where to airlock jar lids online)

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Small Footprint Dill Pickles

This easy homemade dill pickle recipe will deliciously preserve some of your summer produce.

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Tepache – Fermented Pineapple Brew

Tepache – Fermented Pineapple Brew

Sweet, light, refreshing, Tepache is a mild, fermented pineapple brew made using pineapple peels. Tepache originated in Pre-Columbian central Mexico as a popular drink among the Nahua people.

In the náhuatl language, the word tepache means “drink made from corn,” and originally, tepache was made from corn (maize), but the contemporary recipe for tepache uses pineapple rinds.

Though tepache is fermented for a few days, the resulting drink does not contain much alcohol, unless you add brewer’s yeast. In fact, the longer you ferment the pineapple, the more it gets closer to vinegar (which is great in its own right).

Make sure you use organic pineapples for this recipe. The fermentation process for tepache relies on the yeast that naturally lives on pineapple peels, so you’ll want to make sure your fruit doesn’t have any pesticides residues on it.

Tepache – Fermented Pineapple Brew

Sweet, light, refreshing, Tepache is a mild, fermented pineapple drink made using leftover pineapple peels. 

  • 1 ripe whole pineapple ((or use just the peels))
  • 1 cup raw cane sugar ((Rapadura, panela or Piloncillo))
  • 5 whole cloves
  • 1 whole cinnamon stick
  • 1 quart purified water
  • 1/2-1 tsp (or 4g) brewer's yeast ((optional) This increases the alcohol content of the brew.)
  1. Rinse the pineapple to remove any dust or debris.

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