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Trump Calls Green New Deal A ‘Hoax,’ Like The Mueller Investigation

President Donald Trump called the Green New Deal a “hoax” while touting American energy at a speech in Louisiana on Tuesday. The rally was held at the site of a new liquefied natural gas export terminal, the Cameron LNG Export…

Dolphin ancestor’s hearing was more like hoofed mammals than today’s sea creatures

Paleontologists are looking into the evolutionary origins of the whistles and squeaks that dolphins and porpoises make — part of the rare echolocation ability that allows them to effectively navigate their dark environment.


New material could unlock potential for hydrogen powered vehicle revolution

An international team of researchers has discovered a new material made from manganese hydride that would be used to make molecular sieves within fuel tanks – which store the hydrogen and work alongside fuel cells in a hydrogen powered ‘system’. The material would enable the design of tanks that are far smaller, cheaper, more convenient and energy dense than existing hydrogen fuel technologies, and significantly out-perform battery-powered vehicles.

Get face to face with wild African lions

[embedded content] Getting up close and personal with a wild African lion may seem terrifying, but it can also be an astonishing — and safe — experience if there’s a live camera and computer screen between you and the big…

Activists Call On Lawmakers To Accelerate State’s Emissions Reduction Goals – WBUR

With scientists warning that the challenge of preparing for and slowing climate change will get more difficult every year, legislators and climate activists pleaded with Beacon Hill leaders Tuesday not to wait to accelerate the state’s 11-year-old carbon emission reduction…