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News about Climate Change and our Planet


New Scientific Scandal Shaking The Climate Alarmist Industry

As readers at this site are well aware, the field of climate “science” and alarmism is subject to an extraordinary degree of orthodoxy enforcement, where all information supporting the official narrative gets enthusiastically promoted, while all information disagreeing with the…

Be Afraid: Great Reset Shill Boris Johnson Wants To ‘Build Back Better’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will launch his new legislative program this week with three words that ought to send a shiver down the spine: ‘Build Back Better.’ The phrase is, of course, code for a massive global power grab by the…

Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster-than-light space travel a boost

If humanity wants to travel between stars, people are going to need to travel faster than the fastest-moving stuff known in our universe: light. New research suggests that it might be possible to build warp drives and beat the galactic speed limit.


SUSTAINABILITY: Green investors seek to ‘change the DNA of the corporation’

Eight years ago, Delaware launched a bold experiment in corporate governance. The idea? Create a new type of for-profit business that could make it easier for participating companies to do right by the world.


CLIMATE IMPACTS: Nashville is booming. So is its flood risk

Nashville is among the nation’s fastest-growing cities: More affordable than New York or San Francisco, less sprawling than Atlanta or Phoenix, and increasingly attractive to global businesses and digital economy professionals.

No storm in a teacup as research finds climate change threatens future of the British cuppa – Sky News

Climate change could be about to impact a British institution – by changing the taste of a cup of tea, research has warned. Extreme weather and rising temperatures could affect both the amount of land available for growing tea and…

How Operas Are Going Green

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged day-to-day norms in the opera industry. But while addressing those challenges, some houses have found new ways to tackle another crisis with potentially broader implications: climate change. One of them is La Scala, in Milan,…

Gas Flaring Declined in 2020, Study Finds

In addition to contributing planet-warming carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, routine gas flaring can harm the health of people who live near gas sites. It also wastes a potentially useful energy source, a problem that is especially acute in poorer…