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Bright star Deneb transits at nightfall

This beloved Summer Triangle star is shifting westward in our sky. Its transit at nightfall in mid-October is a hallmark of the year, marking a shift toward winter – or summer – on your half of the globe.

$4.7 Billion Went Into Battery Storage, Smart Grid, & Efficiency Companies In Q1–Q3 2020

People who don’t follow cleantech, or individual cleantech industries, think that solar, wind, and batteries are sort of small, niche markets. Actually, these have become very large markets, and often the quickest growing markets. Similarly, related smart grid and energy efficiency companies are booming

Fix, or Toss? The ‘Right to Repair’ Movement Gains Ground

If you buy a product — a car, a smartphone, or even a tractor — and it breaks, should it be easier for you to fix it yourself? Manufacturers of a wide range of products have made it increasingly difficult…

Europe Moves to Protect Nature, but Faces Criticism Over Subsidizing Farms

The European Union’s Environment Council on Friday endorsed the proposal by the president of the European Union to create protected areas for 30 percent of the continent’s land and water by 2030, along with legally binding measures to tighten forest…

5 Policy Issues Where Trump and Biden Diverged at Final Debate

The 2020 presidential campaign has been many things. A measured back-and-forth over policy has not been one of them. That was until Thursday night, when the presence of a mute button and the imperative of conducting a focused discussion led…

Oil Industry Expresses Concern, Not Alarm, About Biden Comments

HOUSTON — Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s promise that he would “transition” the country away from oil and natural gas might hurt him politically in Texas and Pennsylvania, but it did not come as a surprise to many in the energy…


Mathias Cormann wants to be a chameleon on climate change when we’ve got a bin fire instead of a plan | Katharine Murphy

The window for attaining net zero emissions by 2050 and holding temperature increases to safe levels is “rapidly closing”. Evidence is mounting that the world is closer to abrupt and irreversible changes, “so-called tipping points”, than previously thought. Without further…

Biden Declares An End To The Oil And Gas Industry

At the second and final presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden went all-in on climate change extremism. He promised to effectively put America’s oil industry out of business and declared Earth was facing the point of no return in…