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‘Stunning’ Victorian Bathhouse Uncovered Beneath a Manchester Parking Lot

A stunning Victorian-era bathhouse over 150-years old was uncovered when builders upended a Manchester parking lot during the construction of a new public park. Unlike a Roman-era construct that would only be known as “bathhouse,” city archaeologists identified the find as Mayfield Baths, a place where city textile workers bathed and washed clothes during the […]

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RNA’s mysterious folding process

Using data from RNA-folding experiments, the researchers generated the first-ever data-driven movies of how RNA folds as it is made by cellular machinery. By watching their videos of this folding occur, the researchers discovered that RNA often folds in surprising, perhaps unintuitive ways, such as tying itself into knots.

Researchers trace geologic origins of Gulf of Mexico ‘super basin’ success

The Gulf of Mexico holds huge untapped offshore oil deposits that could help power the U.S. for decades. According to researchers, the basin’s vast oil and gas reserves are the result of a remarkable geologic past. Only a fraction of the oil has been extracted and much remains buried beneath ancient salt layers, just recently illuminated by modern seismic imaging.


Stuck in a rut: Ocean acidification locks algal communities in a simplified state

Researchers have found that ocean acidification limits algal communities to a state of low diversity and complexity. Communities grown in waters rich in carbon dioxide (CO2) were dominated by turf algae, and had low biodiversity, ecological complexity and biomass. Communities grown under acidic conditions and then transferred to waters that weren’t CO2-enriched increased their biodiversity and complexity, showing that they can recover if CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

Divergences between scientific and Indigenous and Local Knowledge can be helpful

Divergences between scientific and Indigenous and Local Knowledge can provide a better understanding of why local pastoralists may be willing, or not, to participate in conservation initiatives for carnivores, a study suggests.

Intertropical Convergence Zone limits climate predictions in the tropical Atlantic

The strongest climate fluctuation on time scales of a few years is the so-called El Niño phenomenon, which originates in the Pacific. A similar circulation pattern exists in the Atlantic, which scientists have now studied in more detail. Their results contribute to a better understanding of this climate fluctuation and pose a challenge for prediction models.

After Wind Speeds Dropped, UK Electricity Prices Rose 10,000%

Last Wednesday the wind died, and Britain’s fleet of thousands of wind turbines mostly stopped turning. The engineers at National Grid had seen the problem coming: temperatures and wind speeds had been low all week and were forecast to fall…

Greenies Take President Macron To Court For Missing Paris Climate Targets

A French court started examining on Thursday what environmental and other organizations are billing as “the case of the century,” accusing the country’s authorities of failing to act against climate change. It stems from a legal complaint filed by Greenpeace…