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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Global Action Is ‘Very Far’ From What’s Needed to Avert Climate Chaos

The global scientific consensus is clear: Emissions of planet-warming gases must be cut by nearly half by 2030 if the world is to have a good shot at averting the worst climate catastrophes. The global political response has been underwhelming…

The Texas Crisis Could Become Everyone’s Crisis

Last week, freezing temperatures overwhelmed the Texas power grid, setting off rolling blackouts that left millions without power during an intense winter storm. But this story is a lot bigger than Texas: Our world is built around a model of…

You Decide: How Can We Address Climate Change? – NC State CALS

By Dr. Mike Walden The Biden Administration has identified addressing climate change – specifically, global warming – as one of its top priorities. Indeed, they are incorporating climate change into both their foreign and economic policies. Accepting global warming and…


FINANCE: Bills on corporate climate risk disclosure spark clashes

Partisan clashes marked a House Financial Services subcommittee hearing yesterday on legislation that would require companies to disclose the threats that social and environmental risks pose to their bottom lines.