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Oil Giant’s Shareholder Meeting Devolves Into Chaos As Climate Protesters Try To Storm Stage

Oil Giant’s Shareholder Meeting Devolves Into Chaos As Climate Protesters Try To Storm Stage

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Climate activists engaged in more than an hour of protests that delayed the beginning of energy giant Shell’s annual shareholder meeting in London, The Guardian reported Tuesday.

Shell had anticipated the disruption — a similar protest delayed last year’s meeting by roughly three hours — which kicked off almost immediately after the meeting began, as one protestor began to shout criticisms of “banks and pension funds” that invest in fossil fuels, according to the Guardian. [emphasis, links added]

Roughly a dozen protesters followed shortly after, singing “Go to hell, Shell, and don’t you come back no more,” as Shell CEO Wael Sawan and Chairman Andrew Mackenzie tried to calm the crowd from onstage, Reuters reported.

At one point, protesters attempted to rush the stage, prompting dozens of security personnel to form a human chain blocking them from reaching the oil giant’s executives, according to Reuters.

The two groups engaged in several small physical altercations while security removed the protesters from the venue, the Guardian reported.

Mackenzie attempted to engage with protestors several times, asking the initial protestor to sit down and later telling chanting protestors that the boardheard you loud and clear,” according to the Guardian.

The beleaguered chairman also responded to protesters that argued the oil giant, which has set a goal of producing net zero carbon emissions by 2050, was failing to sufficiently address climate issues, according to Reuters.

“We’ve heard this point many times now,” Mackenzie told protestors, according to the outlet. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have this debate rather than saying the same thing over and over again?

Shareholders are expected to vote Tuesday on a shareholder resolution introduced by activist investor Follow This to introduce aggressive emissions reduction targets by 2030.

Shell’s board of directors has encouraged shareholders to vote down the resolution. [Eighty percent of Shell shareholders voted against the resolution. –CCD Ed.]

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