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WATCH — Is climate change making seasonal allergies worse? | CBC Kids News

WATCH — Is climate change making seasonal allergies worse? | CBC Kids News

Pollen is sticking around a lot longer than it used to

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Along with blooming plants and warm weather, spring could bring seasonal allergies.

Many plants and trees begin to release pollen, all the way through summer into fall.

Pollen allergies are common and can result in symptoms like runny noses, sneezing, itchy eyes and coughing.

Scientists are discovering that climate change and global warming might be making them worse.

Are you finding your allergies even worse this year?

Kids News contributor Arjun Ram looks into what seasonal allergies are, how climate change could affect them and what kids can do about it.

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About the Contributor

Arjun Ram

Arjun Ram

CBC Kids News Contributor

Arjun Ram is a Grade 11 French immersion student from Hamilton, Ont., with many diverse interests such as sports, music and math. Arjun has developed an interest in reporting on social and political issues as well as important developments in the area of professional sports. He hopes to one day work as a news anchor for CBC.

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