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Americans Who Took-in Stranded Koreans During Christmas Blizzard Just Flew Over the Ocean to Visit Their House

Americans Who Took-in Stranded Koreans During Christmas Blizzard Just Flew Over the Ocean to Visit Their House

Alex Campagna – Facebook

During the record-setting blizzard in New York state last winter, a tour bus of South Korean visitors to our shores found hospitality with two locals—the Campagnas—when their bus got stuck in the snow in Buffalo.

Staying two nights, snow plows eventually had the Koreans on their way. Now, 5 months later, they’re getting the chance to return the favor.

Fascinated by Korean culture, stemming from a love of Korean food, Alex and Andrea Campagna are now in South Korea on a vacation to keep the fire of that memorable snow day alive.

“To see everyone in Korea again is such a blessing,” Andrea told reporters in Seoul on Sunday. She and her husband arrived on Saturday at the invitation of the Korea Tourism Organization.

The organization wasn’t the only one who wanted to thank Alex for the cross-Pacific act of kindness, because when the story went viral on social media following reporting from The New York Times and Good News Network, many Korean businesses wanted to reward the couple.

credit the Korean Tourist Organization

“They made us really feel at home. After our memorable time together, I thought I should do good deeds for others too,” said Scott Park, one of the tour group who the Campagnas went to see, and who turned for to their interview.

One of the fonder memories was all the Korean food cooked by the sheltering tourists after discovering a wealth of authentic Korean ingredients and crockery in the Campagna household.

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“I think with how difficult things have been with COVID, after so much sadness, pain and losses, the world was hungry for a heartwarming story. I think that’s why the story resonated with so many people,” Andrea told the Korea Herald.

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