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A Pair of the World’s Rarest–and Most Adorable—Piglets Are Born in a UK Zoo

A Pair of the World’s Rarest–and Most Adorable—Piglets Are Born in a UK Zoo

Pair of Visayan warty piglets born at Newquay Zoo – SWNS

A pair of the world’s rarest piglets have been born at the Newquay Zoo in Cornwall.

Known as Visayan warty piglets, one of the rarest breeds of pig in the world, there are thought to be as few as 200 of them left in the wilds of the Philippines.

The pair of pigs is the second successful litter born at Newquay Zoo following the birth of their older siblings, Kevin Bacon and Amy Swinehouse last year.

Their mother, May, and her partner, Randy, are part of a breeding program to help increase the number of Visayan warty pigs worldwide.

“After our breeding success with two warty piglets last year, we are so pleased to welcome these new arrivals and to continue helping increase the Visayan warty pig population,” said Dave Rich, Keeper Team Leader at the Newquay Zoo.

“Our warty pigs are full of character, and the new arrivals are no exception! They have already been exploring their enclosure under mum, May’s, watchful eye.”

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Though the species are called ‘warty’ pigs, it’s only the males that sport the characteristic three pairs of warts on their faces to protect them while fighting.

Visayan warty piglets and their mom – SWNS

Males also grow impressive long manes during the mating season, which help to attract mates and also intimidate other males.

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Unlike domesticated or feral pigs, litters of piglets for this species tend to be small, likely a result of them evolving on the six Visayan islands of the Philippines, Cebu, Panay, Masbate, Negros, Guimaras, and Siquijor.

Dozens of zoos in Europe and North America have captive breeding programs for this Critically Endangered species that’s also the first swine ever to be recorded using tools—when a female was recorded using a piece of bark at a French zoo to dig a nest.

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