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Nigerian Official To Bill Gates, Soros: Africa Isn’t Your ‘Climate Guinea Pig’

Nigerian Official To Bill Gates, Soros: Africa Isn’t Your ‘Climate Guinea Pig’

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A Nigerian climate scientist warned so-called “climate activists” Bill Gates and George Soros to stop using Africa as a climate laboratory to test their radical theories.

Dr. Chukwumerije Okereke pointed fingers at Gates and Soros that his “continent is not your giant climate laboratory” in a New York Times guest essay. [emphasis, links added]

According to his essay, solar geoengineering is supposed to redirect climate damage from the sun’s rays. Instead, Leftist billionaires are meddling in the country’s environmental efforts.

“As a climate expert, I consider these environmental manipulation techniques extremely risky. And as an African climate expert, I strongly object to the idea that Africa should be turned into a testing ground for their use,” Okereke wrote.

“Even if solar geoengineering can help deflect heat and improve weather conditions on the ground — a prospect that is unproven on any relevant scale — it’s not a long-term solution to climate change. Instead, it sends a message to the world that we can carry on over-consuming and polluting because we will be able to engineer our way out of the problem.

He claimed that Soros and Gates are creating more damage to an already poor nation by reflecting sunlight away from the Earth by injecting aerosols, saying that “millions, perhaps billions, of people’s livelihoods could be undermined.

Okereke urged Africa to stop allowing extreme climate activiststo experiment on the country, adding that technology funded by Soros and Gates is potentially dangerous.

This isn’t the first time the progressive billionaires have attempted to push their radical so-called climate agenda on the world.

Soros recently called for further investments into potentially altering the climate in the Arctic. He joined Sir David King’s efforts in recreating the albedo effect by creating white clouds high above the Earth.

“With proper scientific safeguards and in consultation with local indigenous communities, this project could help restabilize the Arctic climate system, which governs the entire global climate system,” Soros said.

Last year, the Biden Administration announced a five-year plan to study the effects of geoengineering, which Congress approved.

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