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The Fanatical Arrogance Of The Climate Change Faith

The Fanatical Arrogance Of The Climate Change Faith

severe weather storm

The climate change faith is one of the most arrogant ideas humans have ever invented. It assumes that our actions control the Earth’s powerful and complex systems and posits that we can counter any damage we do with varying types of human sacrifice.

Footage of just one of the tornadoes that devasted the Midwest and South should put the lie to this kind of arrogance. [emphasis, links added]

According to leftists, every weather phenomenon that they dislike is the fault of human beings. Whether it’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, or too still, it’s because of human activity.

And as far as they’re concerned, the only way to fix the problem is to rid the Earth of these too-powerful humans.

After all, when you think about it, every climate change initiative is intended to make human life Hobbesian: “Nasty, brutish and short.”

Leftist policies will deprive humans of the heating that enables survival in the winter and the cooling that makes life livable in the summer.

Their attacks on fertilizer and fossil fuels will bring in an era of famine because crops won’t grow in abundance without fertilizer, and those few crops that do grow won’t be harvested or brought to market without fossil fuels.

Those are the practical changes the climatistas want to make to assert dominance over the climate. They also have a more spiritual approach, which is the abortion doctrine. If we just sacrifice humans, the Earth will love us.

Once, Gaia-worshippers threw children into volcanoes or ritually slaughtered people in bogs. Now, human sacrifice takes place in the private sterility of the abortionist.

Moreover, because that’s not enough, the “sacrifice humans to placate the Earth” mindset has moved on to euthanasia, which is a booming business in Canada and Europe.

“We humans are in charge,” is the leftist mantra. We destroyed the climate, and now we will save it by destroying ourselves. (For more on this point, I recommend this.)

But a short video from Little Rock, Arkansas, puts the lie to this wishful thinking about humanity’s ultimate power over the Earth.

Pay attention to the ferocity of the wind and then notice the “before” and “after” footage after just one tornado passed over a fire station:

We are not in charge. Our power is limited to doing the best we can to offset the Earth’s power: building outside of flood zones or putting buildings on stilts, reinforcing buildings against earthquakes or hurricanes, having better warning systems for tornadoes, etc.

We also have an obligation to be the Earth’s stewards, which means not despoiling it (pollution, rampant deforestation, wanton animal destruction, etc.) But again, we are not in charge.

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