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Swiss Politician Calls On Making Climate Denial A ‘Criminal Offense’

Swiss Politician Calls On Making Climate Denial A ‘Criminal Offense’

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Alarmed Swiss green politician: Challenging alarmist climate change claims and questioning the urgency to act drastically should be made a crime.

Climate change for some has turned into a real doomsday cult, where a small group of people has excessive control over its members and require unwavering devotion. [emphasis, links added]

The climate cult members are in fact so brainwashed that they are convinced it’s the Gospel Truth and that disagreement is heresy of dangerous criminals.

So it’s not surprising some climate cult members are calling for a Catholic Church model Climate Inquisition to root out and punish the heresy.

Marcel Odermatt of Switzerland’s online WELTWOCHE reports on how one Swiss Green politician wants to make “climate-skeptic statements”, i.e. free speech, a criminal offense.

Green National Councillor Valentine Python, 47, is calling for climate denial” to be declared a crime.

Ms. Python believes statements casting doubt on man’s dominance over the global climate hinder efforts to educate children on the dangers of climate change, and so obstruct adopting “effective measures.”

28% Of Youth Ignore Climate Alarm

Germany’s Pleiteticker elaborates on why Ms. Python is agitated about people having other opinions and cites a recent French study that found 28 percent of young people consider climate change to be a natural phenomenon against which no special measures are necessary.

Based on such results, Ms. Python claims there’s been a “decline in the scientific understanding of the world” and that the state needs to take action against “climate-skeptical statements.”

“She compares these [statements] to calls for anti-Semitism and racism. Such calls could lead to violence and would violate human rights. The National Councillor believes that the ‘unrestricted dissemination of climate-skeptic views’ could fall under the same law”, reports Pleiteticker.

“Python seems to consider herself in possession of immutable scientific truth. Apparently, Python is not interested in convincing dissenters, but in banning their thoughts and imposing penalties on them.

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