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Tucker Carlson Exposes The Hypocritical Climate Lies Of Politicians

Tucker Carlson Exposes The Hypocritical Climate Lies Of Politicians

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It has been a long week in the news business. All sorts of things you thought could never happen did in fact happen and then vice versa.

A whole lot of predictions failed to materialize. The big theme of the week, as usual, was lying.

There was an extraordinary amount of lying. At this point, the people in charge seem like they tell the truth only by accident. [some links added]

Occasionally, somebody in power will say something true and as swiftly punished for it. Can’t have that. It’s infuriating to watch, but it’s also—if you look at it right—very amusing.

These are not sophisticated deceptions. This is not Dwight Eisenhower stealthily planning D-Day. This is your five-year-old ambling in with frosting on his face [and telling] you he never touched the birthday cake. Should that make you mad?

Of course, it should make you mad, but if you’re human, you will also laugh at it. Cake? What cake? It’s hilarious. The kid has no idea how ridiculous he is.

So, with that spirit in mind, we’re going to devote the next hour to a special presentation on lying in American politics. We’re going to do our best to stay amused because that’s much better than being angry. …snip…

And that’s the thing about so many of these lies. You don’t believe them, but you’re not special. Nobody believes them. Even the people repeating them, and nowhere is that more true than on the question of the climate emergency. Here’s the climate emergency.

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: That’s what climate change is about. It is literally, not figuratively, a clear and present danger. The latest climate report is nothing less than, “code red for humanity.” We say it again, Code red for humanity.

You can buy that or not and by the way, a lot of good people, some smart people, people of good faith do believe that and that’s okay, but do the people telling you that believe it? Does Joe Biden actually think that climate change is “code red for humanity”?

Well, don’t listen to what he says. Watch what he does. This week, Biden spoke to Canada’s Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, about how terrifying this climate emergency is, but he didn’t talk to Trudeau on Zoom. No.

Instead, he flew on a private airplane to the capital of Canada, Ottawa, where he and Justin Trudeau drove around the city in a [75-vehicle] convoy, complete with ambulances and armored vehicles.

Now, if you are concerned about climate change being driven by humans and the burning of fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide, you probably wouldn’t behave like that.

You probably get on the phone and talk about climate change, but they didn’t. And none of the global warming experts who were telling you that your Suburban is a sin said a word about it. In fact, they were busy lecturing you about the rest: your woodstove, your gas stove.

You remember in January, the gas stove ban was a conspiracy theory. Anyone who is worried about the government cracking down on their kitchen was a nutcase, a Ruby Ridge-level wacko. The Republic reported back then “People are getting real heated over a gas stove ban that isn’t happening.” Note in. Appreciate the pun.

That’s always the first move. You’re imagining it, crazy person. Then we move forward a couple of months and the conspiracy theory is actually, it’s true and if you disagree with it, you’re a wacko.

This is from Politico, a political blog in Arlington, Virginia, yesterday: “New York nears deal to ban gas stoves in new homes.” So, they say something.

If you take it seriously, it’s your fault because it’s not true and then they tell you that, in fact, it is true and if you don’t agree with it, you’re a criminal.

You see this a lot. You’re told something. You’re required to believe something that’s clearly false and if you don’t go along with it, you’re banned from social media and harassed and maybe you can’t use Airbnb and maybe if you keep talking, JPMorgan cancels your bank account, and then once you submit, they admit.

Actually, yeah, you’re right.

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