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Labor’s Net Zero ‘E-Bus’ Is Dead On Arrival

Labor’s Net Zero ‘E-Bus’ Is Dead On Arrival

Labor campaign e-bus

Nothing describes Net Zero better than Labor’s campaign ‘e-bus’ sitting dead on arrival in front of reporters after suffering a charging issue.

You have to imagine the universe giving New South Wales Opposition Leader Chris Minns a cruel smirk as the Labor team shuffled into a wicked-planet-destroying-apocalypse-mongering fossil fuel bus, leaving the electric vehicle – which was smothered in Chris Minns face – lifeless in the car park. [emphasis, links added]

‘I forgot to charge it last night and as a result, it broke down…’ managed an obviously embarrassed Chris Minns.

Yes, I’m sure that line will work when the power grid flickers out and the state grinds to a halt.

By the time Labor’s Net Zero dreams are realized in 2050, there won’t be any petrol or diesel backups to hop into.

‘Labor’s bus has broken down, just like their budget broke down yesterday,’ quipped Perrottet – who has no reason to be smug or cheerful. The most powerful member in the NSW Liberal Party is the Member for Hornsby Matt Green – sorry – Kean.

If anyone is going to be giving smoldering looks at passing e-buses, it’ll be Kean and his radical eco agenda.

New South Wales is likely to be just as dead and lifeless as that e-bus regardless of which Net Zero fanatic sits on the throne – the only real question is how much tax we’re going to fork out for the experience… If the federal leadership is any sort of road map, we can assume Labor is the most overpriced mess on offer.

Pretending to save the planet is a pricey cosplay and eventually, even Teal voters will be selling their pearls in order to keep their gas stoves lit. Forget champagne socialism, we’re going to have cask wine eco-fascism.

The press thinks it’s ‘funny’ when Labor’s e-bus fails to charge when what they should be doing is hammering Chris Minns with serious questions.

Questions like:

‘What happens when the renewables grid fails and no one in Sydney can charge their e-cars?

‘How is NSW going to power millions of e-cars without nuclear energy?

‘How do you handle hundreds of thousands of solar panels and wind turbine blades hitting landfill every year?’

‘Renewable energy is almost 100 percent Chinese-made, so what happens if conflict breaks out in the Pacific?

‘What does the costing of renewables versus nuclear look like over 100 years … and don’t leave out the battery back-ups…’

Chris Minns probably doesn’t want lots of attention drawn to his e-bus. Not only is it a nasty omen, but details have also popped up in The Australian showing that it can only make it 300 km (if it’s lucky) and has to charge ‘every eight hours for between three and six hours.

That doesn’t sound like a superior and technologically advanced future. Horses and carts are more reliable.

Read rest at Spectator AU

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