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Destroying Australia’s Economy With Fake Renewables And Big Batteries

Destroying Australia’s Economy With Fake Renewables And Big Batteries

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We are destroying our economy by shutting down baseload power whilst subsidizing fake renewables, big batteries, and the incredible energy-gobbling pumped hydro ‘Snowy 2.0’ scheme.

With a tunneling machine buried near the entry of a difficult tunnel, this imitation of hydro may never happen. [emphasis, links added]

Meanwhile, South Australia, the world’s leading fake-renewable state, might not be able to keep the lights on.

Even when the sun’s shining and the wind’s blowing, the state has a huge problem because the grid is struggling to handle the power ‘surges’ associated with fluctuating renewable output.

South Australia’s backup is dirty brown coal from Victoria. But it’s okay because that’ll soon be shut down.

Thank heavens Federal Environment Minister Plibersek has stopped a black coal mine in Queensland that would have supplied cleaner and more reliable energy to undeserving people in India.

It would have threatened the far away Great Barrier Reef that inconveniently keeps getting better after coral bleaching ‘disasters’.

Meanwhile, China is powering ahead with coal.

They’re allowed to do this because they’re one of mankind’s underdeveloped nations, according to the experts at the United Nations.

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