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From Record Snow To No Snow, Activist Media Use Climate Change To Stoke Fear

From Record Snow To No Snow, Activist Media Use Climate Change To Stoke Fear

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This article is in the tradition of articles that we have seen for decades saying we could look forward to snowless winters because of humans and our use of natural resources.

What is missing from every one of these articles is a direct link connecting oil consumption, CO2 content, or any other such thing with temperatures and snow. [emphasis, links added]

But the truth has never mattered to the media and other leftists when they have set out to destroy the oil industry.

They cannot explain why we had a cooling period from 1940 to 1975, where essentially the same people who are warning of an existential threat of warming were warning of an existential threat that billions would die from an existential threat of a coming ice age.

Here is a hint for sycophant journalists who just repeat what they are told.

Snow has been a no-show for some traditionally wintry cities

A big reason for the lack of snow has been the warmer conditions, Robinson says — conditions driven in part by human-induced climate change. The Northeast is among the fastest warming regions in the country.

Another story in Yahoo on Monday, which published the indoctrination piece above, talks about record snowfall in California this year. Can’t the journalists read or think?

If we have record cold and snow in some parts of the country and record warmth in another part of the country, humans and natural resources aren’t causing the warm temperatures and snowless winters.

The climate is and has always been cyclical and natural.

Dramatic photos show aftermath of historic snowfall, winter storms blanketing California

This is the snowiest first five months of the snow season in the Sierra Nevada since 1970, almost fifty feet so far.

Graphics show snowfall totals in California: Over 50 feet with more expected this weekend

Five months into this water year, counted Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, more than 44 feet has fallen there at the Central Snow Laboratory, a University of California, Berkeley field research station. That’s more than double the median of 21.7 feet by this time of year.

“We have had the snowiest October through February going back to 1970,” said Andrew Schwartz, lead scientist and manager at the snow lab.

“We’re within 3½ feet from the 2017 water year total of 47.77 feet, which is our third largest snowfall year on record in the last three decades,” Schwartz said. The lab record for a water year is 53.58 feet set in 2011.

It is a simple concept: humans and natural resources cannot cause both record snow and no snow.

Sadly, journalists don’t care. They and other Democrats are the party of fear. They want to scare children and others into capitulation, whether it is about the climate or COVID.

Everything to leftists is about power. They do not care how much damage they do to the poor, the middle class, or the overall economy.

They don’t care how much inflation they unnecessarily cause. They don’t care that their destructive policies help Russia finance their war.

They are pathetic and dangerous!

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