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Biden Hands $750K To China-Linked Group Pushing Gas Stove Ban

Biden Hands $750K To China-Linked Group Pushing Gas Stove Ban

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The Rocky Mountain Institute, a green energy non-profit linked to China, is among the groups receiving thousands in funding from the Departments of Energy and Transportation as part of their efforts to expand electric vehicle (EVs) charging corridors, the department announced Tuesday in a press release.

The department awarded $7.4 million to seven projects, including $750,000 to the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), to accelerate the creation of zero-emission vehicle corridors that expand EVs, according to the press release.

The RMI is a Colorado-based non-profit organization focused on fastening the green energy transition, according to their website, that has partnered with communist China on green energy projects.

The RMI will receive funding for a Regional Medium-and-Heavy-Duty Electrification Roadmap project that will “create a roadmap for charging infrastructure to support the full electrification of three key trucking market segments – drayage, regional haul, and long-haul – in the Bay Area of California,” according to the news release.

RMI has teamed up with China on multiple occasions, such as in 2013 when they worked with their National Development and Reform Commission- their economy planning agency- to create a report which advised China to replace existing generators and appliances with “clean energy technologies,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

RMI’s board of trustees also includes Wei Ding, who served as chairman of CICC Capital, which is partially owned by the Chinese government.

RMI recently co-authored a study cited in Consumer Product Safety commissioner Richard Trumka Jr.’s call to ban gas stoves, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

“As an independent global non-profit, RMI has worked with and alongside governments around the world for four decades to accelerate the adoption of market-based solutions that cost-effectively bring about a clean energy transition.

We aim to work with any entity to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon future and secure its benefits for all. We share our research and analysis routinely with governments, policymakers of both parties, fellow non-profit organizations and corporations, including those in the fossil fuel business,” an RMI spokesperson told the DCNF.

The Biden administration has made several controversial decisions to forward its green agenda since its inception. Some examples include making deals with child labor hotbeds to mine for metals while blocking similar domestic projects.

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