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Australian Greens ‘Reignite Climate Wars’ Over Labor’s Climate Plans

Australian Greens ‘Reignite Climate Wars’ Over Labor’s Climate Plans

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The Greens and the Coalition have been accused of reigniting the climate wars and “driving themselves into the past.”

The Coalition has said it would not support Labor’s Safeguard Mechanism – which would hold the largest fossil fuel emitters to a legislated emissions reduction standard – meaning Labor needs the Greens and two independent senators to get the legislation through the Senate.

The minor party says it will not support the mechanism unless the government closes the loophole allowing new coal and gas projects.

Resources Minister Catherine King used a Dorothy Dixer in Question Time on Wednesday to attack the Greens over former leader Bob Brown’s rejection of the former Labor government’s carbon pollution reduction scheme in 2009.

“We remember … What they did is teamed up with the Liberals and the Nationals opposite to make sure there was no action on climate change nearly 13 years ago,” Ms. King said to the minor party.

“(Now) You are driving yourselves into the past, reigniting the climate wars.

“This country, the people of this country elected this government earlier this year because they wanted an end to the uncertainty you have created for the whole nation, for our economy, and for our resources sector.”

Greens leader Adam Bandt inaudibly shouted back across the chamber.

Ms. King also hit out at the former government for failing to acknowledge the “absolutely essential” role the resources sector would play in transitioning to net zero.

Later, Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek also attacked the Greens, saying she thought voters would be “shocked” that the minor party was “getting ready to sit next to Peter Dutton and Barnaby Joyce to vote against action on climate change.

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