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Month: February 2023

Buttigieg Brags He’ll Be Remembered For Climate Change, Not His Private Jet Abuse

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday defended his use of private jets while lecturing the peasants on the virtues of making sacrifices to stop climate change. Buttigieg is under investigation for his constant use of private jets. [emphasis, links added]…

Washington state moves forward with program to charge companies for greenhouse gas emissions – CNBC

Then-Washington State Governor and presidental candidate Jay Inslee signs five climate change bills into law that will reduce carbon emissions, decrease pollution, boost jobs and increase public health, Tuesday, May 7, 2019, at Central Park in the Rainier Vista neighborhood….

Top NOAA Scientist Warned Of Offshore Wind’s Harm To Whales In May 2022

A senior Biden administration scientist authored an internal memo warning of the impacts offshore wind development may have on marine life months before the recent spate of whale deaths along the East Coast. Sean Hayes, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric…

Animals and People Are Clashing More Frequently Thanks to Climate Change, New Study Says – InsideClimate News

Climate change is driving more conflicts between humans and wildlife, as expanding development, deepening drought and quickly changing ecosystems force animals and people into new territories where they’re more likely to encounter each other, a new study says. Experts have…

The War in Ukraine Hasn’t Left Europe Freezing in the Dark, But It Has Caused Energy Crises in Unexpected Places

Through a year of war in Ukraine, the U.S. and most European nations have worked to help counter Russia, in supporting Ukraine both with armaments and in world energy markets. Russia was Europe’s main energy supplier when it invaded Ukraine, and President Vladimir Putin threatened to leave Europeans to freeze “like a wolf’s tail” – a reference to a famous Russian fairy tale – if they imposed sanctions on his country.

The post The War in Ukraine Hasn’t Left Europe Freezing in the Dark, But It Has Caused Energy Crises in Unexpected Places appeared first on EcoWatch.

Biden’s Regulatory Deluge Is An Assault On Taxpayers, The Country

If you thought the GOP takeover of the House means gridlock in Washington prevails, think again. Rule by regulation is accelerating and the only check will be the courts. President Biden is leading an unprecedented expansion of the administrative state….

Why Rich People in America Have a Huge Carbon Footprint

When it comes to climate footprints, rich people in the United States are in a class of their own. Climate change may be a global problem. But we are not all the same. Far from it. The wealthier we are,…

How Net-Zero Policies Are Destroying British Agriculture

A recent Epoch Times article describes how the British government’s efforts to attain net-zero carbon dioxide emissions are hindering British agriculture, leading to food shortages that will likely get worse. The author, Owen Evans, interviews British farmers who say that…

Lake levels are rising across the world and climate change is to blame – New Scientist

Water levels at lakes in East Africa are rising alarmingly fast, flooding homes and farmland and displacing people. It is an unanticipated consequence of global warming – and it is being repeated around the globe Environment 28 February 2023 By…

USMCA Forward 2023 – Chapter 8: Transparency

USMCA Forward 2023USMCA Forward 2023 Chapter 08 INTRO Letter from the editors 01 National Security 02 Imports from Asia 03 Human Capital 04 Services 05 Non-tariff Measures 06 Data Flows and Critical Technologies 07 Labor Standards 08 Transparency Technology can address supply chain visibility to bolster human rights, resilience, and sustainability Alan Bersin Chairman, Altana…

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