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Iron Maiden Wins Royal Mail Seal of Approval With 12 New Stamps

– Royal Mail

They’ve sold a hundred million records, performed over 2,500 shows in 67 countries, but Iron Maiden’s recent commemorative stamp collection issued by the Royal Mail had the truly legendary heavy metal band “astounded.”

Eight of the stamps are images of the band members playing different shows, while a variety of album covers and thematic images of the band’s mascot “Eddie” expand the collection.

Iron Maiden are the fifth music group to be honored with a stamp collection, behind The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, and The Rolling Stones.

“We were all absolutely astounded—in a good way—when we first heard about the commemorative project, and equally pretty much speechless when we saw the stamps for the first time,” stated bassist Steve Harris. “They look superb and really capture the essence and energy of Maiden.”

– Royal Mail

Harris founded the band in 1975 in London, but it wasn’t until their 1982 album Number of the Beastwith a single of the same name and Bruce Dickenson’s skyscraping tenor voice that the band achieved global notoriety.

“As a band who have never played by anyone else’s rules for over 40 years, it’s very gratifying to see them honored in their home country in this way,” said Iron Maiden’s manager, Rod Smallwood.

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“It’s also fantastic that Eddie has been honored too. It’s incredible to think that Her Majesty, may she rest in peace, saw these and lent her iconic silhouette to them too.”

– Royal Mail

Maybe Elizabeth had a heavier side in contrast to the relatively gentle outer appearance, or perhaps she appreciated how several of the band’s most iconic songs like Aces High and The Trooper memorialize famous battles in Britain’s history.

The stamps go on sale January 12th.

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