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Letter to the editor: It’s climate change, not global warming – The Winchester Star

Mr. Dick Wiltshire is, sadly, not alone in his skepticism about “global warming” that he expressed in his Dec. 29 letter to the editor. 

The term appeared for the first time on Aug. 8, 1975, in the journal Science, in an article titled “Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming?” by Wallace Smith Broecker, an American geochemist at Columbia’s Lamont Geological Observatory. However well-intentioned Mr. Broecker may have been, his unfortunate choice of terminology has been sadly misunderstood and misused for too long. And while the now more often used term “climate change” may be somewhat clearer in describing what, in fact, is happening, I’m afraid the idea of “global warming” has been cemented into the brains of too many of us. And it still doesn’t get us around the fact that the earth’s overall climate is warming at an unprecedented (in geologic terms) rate.

It is also unfortunate that scientists, environmentalists, and climate activists initially described the dangers of warming or climate change in terms of “saving the earth.” The earth will survive, thank you, and its flora and fauna will adapt to whatever changes climate change brings, with one possible exception, namely homo “sapiens.” That’s why renowned climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe called her latest book “Saving Us.” It is humanity and the civilizations humans have built over millennia that are most in danger.

Kathryn Uphaus 

Frederick County 


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