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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Comedians made some hilarious jokes about climate change. Were they right? – The Washington Post

Comedy is a lot like dumpster diving. You look at things in a different light than most people.

Stand-up comedians have long cast an amusing lens on our society, crafting observations about everything we might encounter, such as family, divorce, travel, a second divorce, pets and, more recently, climate change.

Comedy may not seem like a good vehicle to showcase grim news of our planet, but just because something is entertaining doesn’t mean it can’t be useful, too. Humor can provide many benefits in tackling serious subjects. Limited research shows that climate change memes can boost a person’s civic engagement. Good-natured comedy can also help process negative emotions about global warming and sustain hope. (A note: When I’m not writing about science, I’m also a stand-up comedian).


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