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MSNBC Lets Eco-Alarmist Michael Mann Link Blizzard To Global Warming

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On Thursday afternoon, MSNBC fill-in host Cori Coffin gave environmental alarmist Michael Mann a forum to blame “human-caused” global warming for extreme weather events from 2022, including the blizzard that just hit the U.S.

While the segment mentioned record-high temperatures that occurred in some parts of the world, the recent record-low temperatures were not addressed. [emphasis, links added]

At 1:49 p.m. Eastern, introducing a pre-recorded report by NBC weathercaster Dylan Dreyer, Coffin recalled:

The deadly Christmas storm that has the city of Buffalo still reeling was only the latest example in a year of extreme climate events here at home and across the globe.

From record flooding and heat to wildfires, snowstorms and hurricanes, 2022 had it all. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer takes a look at how climate change made a wild year for us, and the swings this year as well.

Dreyer recounted some of the extreme weather events from the year, and then tied “climate change” to record-high temperatures:

Climate change causing the atmosphere to be warmer and wetter, making conditions ripe for these types of events. … This summer was a story of extremes. Europe had its most intense heat wave in recorded history. London set a historic all-time high of 104 degrees.

After asserting that there were six “thousand-year floods” in the U.S., Dreyer concluded by also tying in the recent blizzard without specifying that some places had temperatures at a record low:

Then, a historic and deadly bomb cyclone crippled half the country over the holidays, bringing with it plummeting temperatures, blizzard conditions lasting nearly 40 hours, and 50 inches of snow. The storm pushed the city of Buffalo into the record books. It’s the city’s snowiest start to the season ever — at least 100 inches and counting…

After Mann was brought in live to comment, he also blamed global warming for the blizzard without mentioning just how cold it got:

“Some people think that it’s somehow inconsistent that we see these bigger snowfalls as a result of climate change and global warming, but it is entirely consistent with the underlying physics.”

The leftist scientist from Pennsylvania State University went on to praise the environmental regulations recently passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress:

It can be possible that we’re seeing substantial progress while there isn’t enough progress. … in the most recent U.N. climate conference in Sharm-el-Sheikh … more than a month ago where we didn’t see the sorts of commitments that we might have wanted to see to rapidly phasing out coal and other fossil fuels.

Mann loved the “aggressive” action pushed in Biden’s so-called Inflation Reduction Act:

At the same time, we saw substantial progress when it comes to dealing with the, you know, the assistance to the developing world and countries that don’t have the sort of infrastructure that we have in dealing with the impacts that they’re already feeling.

And we saw the most aggressive climate bill ever signed into law here in the United States … the climate provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act — which are going to make a real difference and bring the United States back to the lead when it comes to global climate action.

This segment was sponsored in part by Subway. Their contact information is linked.

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