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Harvard Prof Exposes ‘Dangerous’ Conditions Faced Mining Battery Minerals

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If you got a laptop, a new smartphone, a new electric vehicle, or pretty much anything fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for Christmas this year, there’s a bit of bad news on batteries the legacy media have been keeping from you.

A Harvard professor upended the left’s obsessive anti-fossil fuel, all-electric pipe dream on The Joe Rogan Experience’s final episode before Christmas. [emphasis, links added]

Host Joe Rogan’s guest Harvard Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy Siddharth Kara exposed the “heart-wrenching, dangerous” conditions of mining minerals required to create the batteries used in the latest tech, especially electric vehicles.

And guess what? The Big Three news networks buried the bad battery news on their evening shows on Dec. 22-23 and Dec. 26-28.

Kara detailed how crucial the mining of cobalt is to most Westerners’ modern living.

“We can’t function on a day-to-day basis without cobalt,” said Kara. “Three-fourths of the supply is coming out of the Congo, and it’s being mined in appalling, heart-wrenching, dangerous conditions.

He also detailed how pervasive the problem truly is.

“Never in human history has there been more suffering that generated more profit and was linked to the lives of more people around the world, ever, ever in history than what’s happening in the Congo right now,” said Kara, the author of “Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives.”

“And the reason I say that is this: The cobalt that’s being mined in the Congo is in every single lithium-ion rechargeable battery manufactured in the world today — every smartphone, every tablet, every uh, uh, laptop and, crucially, every electric vehicle.”

Seems an important tidbit of information, especially considering the left’s aim to end reliance on fossil fuels and push Americans to buy electric vehicles.

Instead, the Big Three evening networks focused on some leftist favorites like bashing former President Donald Trump, fanning the flames of supposed outrage over the January 6th Committee’s spurious findings, pushing man-made climate change and “gun violence” narratives, and calling for a recently elected Republican House lawmaker to resign, among other things.

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