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The web portal and submission form for submitting annual GHG reports as required under Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) Regulation No. 22, Part A, can be accessed here. The web portal and submission form must be used by entities subject to Colorado’s GHG reporting requirements. A registered user account is required to access the submission form. A PDF of the submission form is available below for review but do not use this to submit a report. The form for reporting can only be accessed through the web portal.

For GHG reporters subject to AQCC Regulation 22, Part A, the Air Pollution Control Division requires that GHG emissions be reported to the State of Colorado using the XML file generated for the facility or entity from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool (e-GGRT), which may be accessed at

GHG reporters subject to Colorado’s GHG reporting requirements but not subject to EPA’s GHG reporting requirements can still use e-GGRT to generate an XML file for reporting to the State of Colorado without reporting their GHG emissions to EPA.

GHG reporters must be sure to download the correct XML file from e-GGRT to submit to the State of Colorado. As identified by the black arrow on the screenshot below from the “Review Reports” section of e-GGRT, click the “DOWNLOAD XML” link to obtain the correct file to save to your computer for the GHG report submission to the State of Colorado.

The XML file may also be downloaded from the “Instructions for Colorado Facilities” section of e-GGRT by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD XML” link, or from the “Facility Overview – View Reports” section of e-GGRT by clicking on “Full Report” under “Report (XML)”.

  • Do NOT use the “VIEW PUBLIC XML” link.
  • Do NOT alter or edit the downloaded/saved XML file from e-GGRT in any way prior to submission to the State of Colorado.
  • Once the XML file from e-GGRT has been saved, it can be uploaded to the State of Colorado’s GHG submission form accessed through the GHG reporting web portal. 

Please see the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document below for more details and answers to other questions on using the GHG submission form and submitting reports.

There is also an e-GGRT Instructions document for Colorado Greenhouse Gas reporters that provides detailed information on generating a GHG report and downloading the correct XML file for it in e-GGRT for submission to the State of Colorado. 

Supplemental Data Form

The Supplemental Data Reporting Form required by Regulation 22 for electric utility reporting of calendar year 2021 data is now available.  The form can be accessed HERE.  

Reporting of calendar year 2021 information is due by June 30, 2022 and the completed Supplemental Data Form must be uploaded to the GHG Reporting Submission Form that is accessed through the Colorado Greenhouse Gas Reporting Web Portal (see link below). The Supplemental Data Form will be uploaded under the “Supporting Documents” section of the GHG Reporting Submission Form and submitted that way. For more details, please refer to #13 in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the GHG Reporting Web Portal and Submission Form (see link below).   

Q&A sessions will be held on the following dates to answer specific questions about how to complete the reporting form:

Wednesday June 1 from 2 to 3 pm (

Friday June10 from 9 to 10 am (  

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