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Climate Crazies Glue Themselves To Tarmac At Munich Airport

munich airport glue tarmac

Climate activists glued themselves to the tarmac at the Munich International Airport on Friday, the latest inane display of supposed virtue that temporarily closed a runway at Germany’s second-busiest airport.

Local police tweeted that “several activists have forced their way into the air security zone of the northern runway of Munich International Airport” and “glued themselves to a taxiway.”

Young activists with the “Last Generation” group — who believe climate change will make them among the last people to live on a survivable planet Earth — were responsible for the disruption that coincided with similar ongoing demonstrations taking place in Berlin and across the state of Bavaria. [emphasis, links added]

The climate group claimed on Twitter that they glued themselves to the tarmac in order to “confront the causes of the climate catastrophe directly,” despite their efforts not actually causing any delays or cancelations at the Munich airport as Germany’s DW News explained:

Munich International Airport said on Thursday that one of its two runways was closed briefly on Thursday amid a climate protest by the group calling itself the “Last Generation.”

An airport spokesman described the closure as a “short-lived disturbance.”

“Near the north runway some of the protesters briefly glued themselves to the asphalt. I believe it is over.”

He said the northern runway was back in operation and that there had been no cancellations or delays, partly because planes could be redirected to the southern runway.

Regional government leaders such as Bavarian premier Markus Söder, however, aren’t having the woke nonsense of the doomsday activists.

Climate-gluers are damaging environmental protection and endangering their fellow people,” Söder said. “Bavaria is therefore tackling them decisively.”

Image via Twitter@Last Generation

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