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Climate change can’t be brushed aside – Newspaper – DAWN.COM –

GLOBAL warming is a widely discussed and highly politicised issue of the modern era. The change in global temperatures has wrecked havoc and claimed thousands of lives across the globe. However, it is amazing, almost unbelievable, that there is still a difference of opinion on the matter of global warming, with some insisting on calling it a myth.

Global warming refers to a gradual increase in atmospheric temperature. In simple words, it means the atmosphere of the earth is becoming hotter by the day. Those calling it a myth believe that it is nothing but fiction. For instance, according to Jerry Falwell, global warming “is a fiction that does not have connection to reality”.

But the real debate emerged when former United States (US) president Donald Trump called global warming a hoax. He further added that in different locations the concept of global warming was created by the Chinese in order to make the US manufacturing non-competitive. He urged that the people of America do not have to believe in global warming and, under him, the US withdrew from the Paris agreement.

Ironically, China, too, denies the existence of global warming or climate change. The reason behind such stands is that the powerful countries have industries across the world that produce heavy amounts of air pollutants that raise the atmospheric temperature. For their own interest, these countries prefer to call global warming a myth.

There are saner elements as well who consider global warming to be a hardcore reality that has an astounding impact on human life. Former United Nations (UN)secretary-general Ban Ki-moon emphasised that it was necessary to take critical action against global warming. Former US president Barack Obama also said it was the obligation of every country, including the US, to do something about it.

To determine whether global warming is a myth or reality, we have to observe its signs and effects. The most important sign of global warming is the depletion of the ozone layer which clearly indicates that it is true. Scientists have found that due to the depletion of ozone, the ultraviolet rays impinge on the atmosphere and raise the temperature of the planet. Greenhouse effect is another metric to measure the surface temperature on earth.

Furthermore, increasing industriali-sation is also a key factor behind global warming as industries produce huge amount of carbon dioxide that raises atmospheric temperature.

The world needs to take this issue seriously. Every country must play its part individually and collectively. The UN must play a vital role in reducing the tempera-ture by strictly implementing the limits which have already been set. If we would not do the needful, the planet will not be habitable for the generations to come.


Published in Dawn, December 5th, 2022


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