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Sen. Kennedy Invents A New Word To Describe Biden’s Energy Policy

Sen John Kennedy

Amid President Biden and his administration’s war on cheap and reliable American energy, the inexplicable decision to make a deal with Venezuela to allow oil to be drilled there and sent to the United States — despite the fact that Biden has been working to block oil drilling in the United States.

The move, in addition to making no sense, is also — by Biden’s standards — needlessly bad for the environment. [emphasis, links added]

We have oil in the United States that would not require international transport to reach the American market, but Biden won’t allow pipelines or drilling to do so.

Instead, he’s allowing drilling in Venezuela that will require transport across more than 2,000 miles to reach the United States with increased risk to wildlife and water quality along the route than if the oil was drilled, refined, and transported within the United States.

Joining Fox News on Wednesday morning to sound off on Biden’s confounding energy policy, Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana put things in terms only he can.

“I used to have a beagle named Roger, and Roger was a rascal,” Kennedy noted. “About every two weeks, Roger would run off — he’d always come back — but about half the time he’d come back dragging roadkill that he would hide under my back porch,” he explained. “President Biden’s energy policy looks like something Roger used to keep under my back porch.

“It is a fact that America has the greatest, the strongest economy in all of human history,” Kennedy continued. “We can’t run it without fossil fuels — not today, not tomorrow.

“It is also a fact that, through reserves and technology, America can produce every drop of oil and natural gas that we need and have extra left over to sell to our friends,” he reminded.

“That presents a problem to President Biden because he has embraced the woke or berserk wing of the Democrat Party, and woke ideology says we need to get rid of oil and gas in the United States,” Kennedy explained of his radical counterparts in Congress.

“So President Biden has developed a new energy policy and it is this: Instead of producing at a cheaper cost our own oil and gas in America, we’re going to buy oil from foreign countries that hate usin this case Venezuela — so those foreign countries will have more money to buy weapons to try to kill us. It’s a moronathon,” Kennedy quipped of Biden and his party’s energy policy.

“The incongruity in all of this is that we could get rid of all oil and gas in America tomorrow, and it would not lower world temperatures a scintilla of a degree because China and India and Sub-Saharan Africa and South America are going to continue to use fossil fuels and emit CO2,” Kennedy noted of Democrats’ quixotic campaign to ruin the U.S. economy to achieve a “climate” goal that won’t actually save the planet.

“It also adds to inflation, this new policy of the president’s,” Kennedy added. “It results in an increase in the price of oil and natural gas so, when a honeybun costs you $20, you can thank President Biden for that too.”

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