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Letter: Climate-change deniers brought it on themselves – Yakima Herald-Republic

To the editor — Actions have consequences. Deniers of man-made global warming cry: “There’s nothing we can do about it,” when they made these disasters happen by purposely promoting more oil/coal.

The climate has always changed. But climate changes took place over tens of thousands of years. Now we have wild swings within decades.

When you are caught in a lie, cop to it. Republican politicians, oil and coal companies haven’t — they knew for years man-made global warming was real, yet denied it publicly. For years! Remember Florida Republicans wouldn’t let state employees say “global warming” or sea level rise?

These same Republican players whine and want a federal bailout to save them from hurricanes and flooding or wildfires (even though they voted against disaster aid to blue states in the past). They should take care of the problems they made themselves, by themselves.

Cut off federal funds. Let Florida drown. Let Texas freeze and burn. All the other states that denied global warming should be left to deal with it on their own. Tough. It’s all their own fault, their choice. They knowingly lied for political gain.

Meanwhile, Washington state now has massive wildfires, drought. We shouldn’t also pay for Republican deceit.




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