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Global warming leaving negative effects on economy, society – Pakistan Observer

Archbishop Rawalpindi/Islamabad Dr. Joseph Arshad has said that global warming is leaving negative effects on the economy and society. Joint efforts are needed to deal with the harmful effects of global climate change, concrete steps should be taken at the global level against global warming.

Addressing a seminar titled “Climate Change, Economy and Society”, he said that rising global temperatures are fueling catastrophic extreme weather across the world, which has a sharp impact on economies and societies. According to research by the World Meteorological Organization, the last eight years are on track to be the eight warmest years on record, which is a serious concern for the life cycle on Earth.

Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad said that extreme heat waves, droughts and devastating floods have affected millions this year and cost billions. He said that we must understand that both the rate at which the warming is increasing and what is causing it are mainly due to human activities, especially fossil fuels, which need to be stopped immediately. said that the effects of climate and environmental change are gradually becoming more dramatic.

During the months of May and June, Pakistan experienced extremely high temperatures, which were quickly followed by large-scale floods. At least 1,700 people lost their lives and 33 million people were affected. 7.9 million people were displaced. Early warning signs and long-term implications of a rapidly changing climate are becoming increasingly severe over time, he said.—INP


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