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COP27: Religious Leaders Unveil The New Ten Commandments

Leaders of various religions and religious organizations gathered to repent of their alleged “climate” sins and usher in what they described as a new, universal “Ten Commandments.”

Gathered in Sharm El Sheikh and cities around the world amid the United Nations COP27 Climate Change Summit in Egypt, representatives of major Christian and Islamic denominations joined forces with all manner of pagans and heathens to unveil what they hope will be the new and improved moral code of the future. [emphasis, links added]

After worldwide criticism, the new Ten Commandments were reframed as “Ten Principles of Climate Repentance.”

Critics still ridiculed the movement, joking that these religious leaders were hitching their wagons to what many scientists and experts have referred to as the discredited climate “religion” or even “cult.

But the events and move toward a united global religious movement organized around “Mother Earth” are no laughing matter.

The bizarre ceremonies, organized by the “Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development” (ICSD), were originally scheduled to take place at Mount Sinai on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, near the Red Sea resort town of Sharm El Sheikh as the UN climate summit takes place nearby.

While some of the religious antics took place on the Sinai Peninsula, many of the festivities were held in London and Jerusalem after security concerns reportedly led Egyptian authorities to withhold permission for the original plan.

A key organizer of the global call for climate “repentance,” Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew — dubbed the “Green Patriarch” — issued a public statement denouncing the “abuse of nature and the exploitation of its resources” as a “sin against God … and the gift of creation.”

In a press release about the effort, organizers said they hoped it “will inspire the people to act modestly and carry out actions for climate justice.

The new ten commandments were listed as:

  • We are stewards of this world
  • Creation manifests divinity
  • Everything in life is interconnected
  • Do no harm
  • Look after tomorrow
  • Rise above ego for our world
  • Change our inner climate
  • Repent and return
  • Every action matters
  • Use mind, open heart

Another one of the ringleaders of the events, Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development boss Rabbi Yonatan Neril, rejected the idea that “religion” and “ecology” are separate and distinct from each other.

“Many people fear that humans have irrevocably destroyed the ecology of ‘Eden’ on Earth,” Rabbi Neril was quoted as saying in media reports, totally misrepresenting the Hebrew Scriptures found in Genesis. “But God created the world out of love for life on earth.” …

The new moral commands delivered by the enviro-religious leaders come as the UN argues publicly that a new system of ethics and morality is needed to replace the old systems that supposedly put humanity in this alleged crisis.

In a report on “Human Development” by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) for COP27 dubbed “Uncertain Times, Unsettled Lives: Shaping Our Future in a Transforming World,” the global environmental agency makes the secular call for a new moral order explicit and transparent.

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