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Climate Cultists Have Worn Out Their Welcome—And The Public Is Angry

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When does activism for a cause turn into a narcissistic agenda for attention and self-gratification?

There’s a fine line, and the Extinction Rebellion movement [and its offshoots] has surely crossed it with its incessant and self-indulgent drama.

This week, motorists in France were greeted with yet another Extinction group trying to glue themselves to the pavement of a major thoroughfare to block traffic in the name of stopping climate change. [emphasis, links added]

However, this time drivers did not simply sit around waiting for the police to arrive; instead, they began dragging the activists off the road by force.

This incident is part of a growing frustration among normal people in response to climate cultism, with the Extinction Rebellion movement making up the bulk of the worst events.

In the past several months there have been an increasing number of traffic disruptions and acts of vandalism. The most prominent actions include the attempted destruction of major works of art in national museums, many of them painted centuries before carbon “pollution” was an issue.

This has prompted museums to become more aggressive in stopping activists from using vandalism as a means to get attention.

The inevitable outcome is obvious – the activists are going to start getting hurt. If the cause was based in reality then the hostility from the public might be diminished, but the cause is fraudulent.

There is no man-made global warming and carbon pollution (CO2) is not a threat to the future of the planet.

All the talk of global warming in the media might make people believe that the Earth is rapidly plunging into a hot cauldron of doom, but according to a number of climate scientists the Earth’s temperature has risen less than 1°C in the past 100 years.

That’s right: the Earth is supposed to be on the verge of Apocalypse because of less than ONE DEGREE of heat.

But what about context? Has the Earth ever been this hot before? And if so, what caused it?

In fact, the Earth has been much hotter in the past, and there is no evidence that carbon pollution was a singular trigger. Certainly, man-made carbon was not a factor in any previous heating event in the Earth’s history.

So what are climate change hysteria and the Extinction Rebellion really all about? In the case of activists, the issue is a need for rebellion and desperation for a cause.

These are people who have far too much time on their hands and a feeling of inadequacy in life.

To bring meaning to their hapless existence, they have attached themselves to the climate agenda without researching the circumstances and data.

In the case of the corporate media and global climate institutions funded by the UN and various governments, the issue is about control.

Climate change legislation, along with carbon taxation gives the establishment the ability to micromanage almost all food production, manufacturing, resource development, and energy usage.

Not to mention, it creates an excuse for the implementation of population controls.

In a world where the UN and Extinction activists get their way, there might be a very real extinction involving a mass reduction in energy output, the decline of the global economy, and available agriculture.

The world cannot sustain itself on green technology, which is highly inefficient and incredibly costly. Oil, gas, coal, and perhaps nuclear power are the only practical resources to maintain our current civilization. But maybe that’s the point.

Maybe the ultimate goal is to create a production environment that is so restrictive that only governments can manage it, while private businesses are forced out of the market.

Maybe the goal is to make production and economy into a point of leverage that can be used to muscle the public into compliance with more authoritarian designs.

Maybe climate change is nothing more than a springboard for tyranny.

The activists, on the other hand, are being used simply as useful idiots to set fires to western civilization, create havoc, and inspire a sense of impending climate catastrophe that will never come.

They might believe that once carbon controls are put in place, they will have earned a seat a the table, or that their future within the establishment edifice is assured. This is probably not the case.

As history often shows with these kinds of movements, once the activists have served their purpose, the elites will do away with them.

h/t Rúnar O.

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